Friday, February 2, 2018

Evaluation by R

Ah Has – have all led me to the following big AH HA.
What we eat, getting exercise, ionic breathing and adequate sleep combined with a practice of gratitude and positivity will keep one healthy.  It is in our hands and it is our responsibility.

Time – totally workable.

Structure – gave me an opportunity to see what worked and what did not.  I also got to see which activities supported my efforts. I very much enjoyed getting to know everyone in my group and the support and fun that this process generated.

Implications – a permanent change in my lifestyle and health – for both myself and Michael, my husband.

BSQ – I found this somewhat limited for my specific issues.  My results did not reflect all of the issues that had me begin TAFYH

Comments -  Thank you to everyone for their time, curiosity, humor and commitment.  It has been an amazing journey. 

Thank you for your work and your pioneering spirit; your willingness to fulfill a dream and this amazing journey.