Friday, February 2, 2018

Health Plan by R Feb 2018

Health Plan
Exercise – Cardio (Spin) minimum 5 x week, Yoga 3 x week, Qi Gong 1 x week, Dog walk 2 x daily, Weights minimum 5 x week.
                Also pushups, lunges, tricep and abdominal exercises daily for 3o mins.
                Meditate – 5 minutes per day to start, build to 20.
                Do one other exercise weekly – swim, cross country ski, skate, etc.
Eat the right foods. Organic and grass fed where possible. No processed foods, no grains, no sugar, limited fruit, limited legumes (eventually), limited amaranth & quinoa (eventually), limited alcohol (eventually), limited dairy (eventually & primarily goat and sheep).
Follow whole 30 diet for 60 days and introduce back as works: legumes, amaranth, quinoa, dairy and alcohol. 
Eat primarily vegetables, then proteins (both plant and animal), then fruits, ginger & turmeric, moderate seeds and nuts, omega 3 rich oils and finally very limited complex carbohydrates.  
                Daily smoothie with berries, collagen, lecithin, flax, mineral chi tonic and amino l-glutamine.
                Drink 8 glasses of chlorophyll water daily.
                In the next 3 months, I will do a bowel cleanse, a kidney flush and a liver flush.
                Remove all household toxins – cleaning products and skin, body & hair products.
                Do Candida test bi-monthly
                Vitamin Bs, C, D, E
                Iron 3 x week
Chlorella or Spirulina daily
Maca and Moringa Daily
                Evening Primrose
                Omega 3 oils
                Adrenoplus – Thyroid
                Cats Claw Combination & Cranberry as required
                Laugh daily.
                Sleep 7.5 hrs/night.
                Be creative with my hands at least 1 hr./week.
                Practice gratitude daily.
                Cease complaining.

                Follow a schedule.