Friday, February 2, 2018

Health Plan of Rob

A - Activate:   I try to live an active lifestyle.  I engage in physical labour for my occupation. I have a three year old husky puppy, who stipulates a daily walking regimen. I try to have a daily swim mid- May through September, and I cut and split several cords of firewood as my source of heat. I like the idea of a rebounder to stimulate my lymphatic system, and possibly may acquire one.  I plan to continue ionic breathing and expressing gratitude. I also plan to continue taking Cat’s Claw (4 twice daily) for lymphatic system.

B - Build: Continue to eat the right foods (green leafy veggies as well as eating the rainbow, wild caught fish, free range chickens and eggs, red meats (including wild caught salmon and grass fed organic beef) avoiding grains, legumes and sugar. I use coconut and avocado oils when I bake lectin free items such as bread, crackers and cookies from coconut, almond and hemp flour.  I also make trail mix snacks from shaved coconut, nuts and seeds. I have also begun to incorporate fermented kim chi into my diet, and plan to make my own fermented vegetables on an ongoing basis.  I will continue to take at least one daily smoothie containing super foods (Chinese Mineral Chi, Collatrim Plus, Green Zone, Zambrosa, Noni, Methyl B-12, Nature’s Harvest, lemon juice, ginger, berries, and flax hull lignans). I am teaching myself to drink plenty of chlorophyll with water.  I also take 3-4 Probiotic 11, per day.

C - Cleanse:  I take two scoops of Psyllium Hulls Combination, and 2 LBS11 daily. I plan periodic bowel, liver, kidney and gallbladder cleanses, at least annually.  I also plan to embark upon the oral chelation procedure in February of 2018, and eventually, a Heavy Metal Detox cleanse.

D - Direct Herbals:  I am currently taking glucosamine for my arthritis (1/day), Focus ATN (1/day), Protease Plus (4/day on an empty stomach), Vitamin D3 (1/day),  CoQ10( 2/day) and Art-A with Devil’s claw (2/day) and Cat’s claw Combination (4/ twice daily)

E – Emotions:  I am grateful that TAFYH underscores the connection between physical and emotional health and that self-analysis checkups will be part on my ongoing maintenance program, as I continue to recognize how fortunate I am and acknowledge blessings present in my life.

To the best of my knowledge, I have no remaining mercury fillings.  I have a couple of residual root canals that need to be removed in the imminent future. During the timeframe of the recent TAFYH course, I was informed by my dentist that I have one dead tooth (currently pain free) that also needs to be addressed.

I am planning to begin the INFORM program in two weeks with the intention of developing good eating habits, and eventually offering the program in this area.  I also plan to continue to reread the TAFYH curriculum and further research the subject matter we have addressed.  Knowledge continues to evolve.

My plan is to avoid anti-biotics, commercial painkillers, vaccines and severely limit pharmaceuticals.  I am grateful for natural methods taught in TAFYH to address pain and discomfort. 

Also, I plan to research the cleaning and personal care products that are in my house on the website,                                                            discontinue using any which are unhealthy, and then incorporate non-toxic products in my home, including Nature’s Sunshine Concentrate.

At the beginning of next year, with Donna’s guidance, I will evaluate where I am at and make appropriate changes and or additions to this plan.