Friday, February 2, 2018

R Success Story

Success Stories –
I have a lot more energy and less anxiety than before. I am able to resist cravings for sweets and am not eating wheat.  I have reduced my dairy consumption by 85% - still have milk in my tea once or twice a day.  I have really come to understand that my health is up to me. The impact of being my word and doing what is best for my body is incredible. Most of the things I think I want to eat are based on habit or a need for comfort and I am really clear that they are just not worth it. 

 My updated BSQ for Feb 1, 2018 is the following:
Dig 3  (original 4)
Hep 3  (5)
Int 2    (3)
Res 0   (0)
Uri 4   (8)
Cir 3    (6)
Ner 7   (10)
Gla 12   (15)
Stru 6    (6)
Imm 0   (2)
Rep 7    (7)