Friday, February 2, 2018

Success Stories by Rob

Success Stories by Rob 

As part of the TAFYH curriculum, students learn about the importance of keeping one's body temperature as close to 37C as possible, as all body systems function more optimally if this factor is observed.  Prior to the beginning of the course, Donna concluded from the symptoms that I described to her, that my temperature was low.  When I began measuring it in November 2017, my morning temperature was often between 34C and 35C. I have made a point of incorporating cayenne and a modest amount of red meat into my breakfast, and Mineral Chi tonic and ginger into my daily smoothie and my morning temperature is generally above 36C in the morning.  My understanding is that this is an improvement that will increase my defense against disease.

On August 16, 2017, I had surgery on an infected ingrown toenail.  I feel that the surgeon involved was competent and provided acceptable service.  He advised me to keep the original bandage on for 5 days following the surgery and then I carefully changed it and disinfected the wound every day or two thereafter.  In two weeks, it had largely closed up, and I was then at the point of cleaning it and putting a new band-aid on it daily, just to keep sock lint out.  However, then healing plateaued in that the wound hadn’t completely sealed up, but was still weeping in mid-October.  Additionally, there was some growth of unnecessary tissue, which I removed with nail scissors.

I was fortunate to have a private consultation with Donna Roth at the NSP conference and had meant to ask her advice about this, but the conversation led to discussing TAFYH and I forgot to address this issue.  Shortly afterward in early November, I began taking a daily smoothie and her additional suggestion of Cat’s Claw and Art-A.  I had not considered that this would necessarily have any effect, but before our TAFYH classes began, one day I realized that I had not been changing my toe band-aid because it had successfully healed up.  I was witnessing the current of injury being completed.

When I was 25, I fell off a bicycle and injured my cervical spine.  Initial investigations by a chiropractor within 5 years indicated that I had acquired arthritis in my C4, C5 vertebrae.  I received regular chiropractic spinal adjustments off and on for the next 25 years, spending thousands in treatment fees.  It is my hope that healing my leaky gut, controlling my candida levels and cleansing my blood will result in fewer arthritic neck symptoms and increase my mobility and range of motion.