Friday, February 2, 2018

TAFYH Completion Ceremony Feb 2/2018

TAFYH Team Completion Ceremony Feb 2/2018
BSQ dropped from 61 to 8
Lost 16 pounds
Blood pressure dropped from 126/84 to 108/78
Energy has spiked
Within 2 weeks of doing TAFYH menstrual cycle restarted after no cycle for months.
“Is grateful for humility and that every person I meet can teach me something.
Is creating passing along positive energy and complimenting strangers.:”
I think of the time lost in sick days. TAFYH is easy and simple to follow. I have accepted ownership of my body. TAFYH makes you remap your thoughts.  It is very non judgemental but TAFYH could infringe on people’s belief systems.

BSQ dropped from 122 to 25
Blood pressure is normal and is off all blood pressure medications
Dropped from 180 pounds to 153 pounds
No more pain in the feet and I could now walk freely with no pain
I don’t cry any more
Laboured breathing is gone
Fear of losing my mind is gone.
Depression, anxiety and stress have all been alleviated.
Now have consistent bowel movements
Pain in the hands is gone.
Could not sleep and now sleep well.
“I acknowledge you, Nan, for going off your blood pressure medication as it is consistently normal at 126/79. Yahoo!!
Is grateful for the dynamics of this group. You are so awesome.”
There are only 4 root causes to all diseased conditions. It is so comforting to know that your body can be restored to perfection. It is amazing how much we can learn in 15 minutes.

BSQ dropped from 67 to 27
Sleeping better
Body temperature increased from 34 to 36 C
Energy levels have increased
Sleeping much better
Is grateful for you , Donna, for teaching me about body temperature. Mine was at 35 when we first started and now it is up to 37 using Capsicum, Mineral Chi Tonic.
 Is grateful for knowing how to dislodge and dispense gall bladder and kidney stones alternatives to laser and medical treatments.
Society is complacent about health. There is truth!. TAFYH made3 me reconsider my health. I am now confident in understanding herbs . We need to treat our bodies with respect.

BSQ dropped from 58 to 28
More energy
More focused
More clarity
Calmness and serenity
Regular bowel movements.
“Is grateful for my Christmas present of removing the mercury filling from my tooth.
I acknowledge you, Amanda, for your excess activities, walking, skiing and weight training for the first time in ages as you were too weak to do so in the past.”
I stopped soda pop and the commitment to TAFYH was not difficult. I will refer to the education again and again. I am feeling strong physically, mentally, and emotionally.

BSQ dropped from 66 to 42
More energy
Less anxiety
Sleeping better
Cravings are gone
Dropped 4 pounds
Blood pressure is now 110/90
“Is grateful for learning this information and being empowered that my health is my responsibility.
 Is grateful for cholesterol; otherwise I would have Parkinson's, Alzheimer's or some other nerve disease.”
Thank you for your work and your pioneering spirit and willingness to dream; this is an amazing journey.

BSQ dropped from 8 to 3
My skin in not dry any more
Shoulder pain is down by 50% “ I had intense pain in my shoulder.”
Lots of energy throughout the day
“Is grateful for knowing that the body is created to heal itself and that diet has something to do with it
Is grateful for Donna Roth and her extensive research and presented in simplified plain language.
 Is grateful for all the Nature's laws that regenerate our magnificent physiology.”
I found TAFYH to be a lot of fun!
Its simple. Deep educational guidance with comprehensibility; short , to the point, scientifically proven and it all makes sense.