Tuesday, February 6, 2018


I thought I knew a lot about my body but there was always something NEW that I learned from every Tafhy Lesson. So my Ah-ha's were the new concepts I learned:
1. The body rebuilds itself in 365 days.
2. One of the 4 root causes of all diseased conditions are: Mental/Emotional Stress
3. Avoid present day grains.
4. Fructose has the same effect on the liver as drinking alcohol.
5. All disease begins in the gut.
6. Oxidation is the key to healthy cells.
7. A medical Dr. is only describing the process of low body temperature.
8. In healing the physical body the emotions are healed as well. And visa versa- heal the emotions & the physical body heals.
9. The common cold removes excess mucus from the body.
10. High cholesterol is, in fact, protecting our body from dangerous damage to organs & glands.
11. A liver cleanse will rid my body from possible stored emotions of anger & frustration & strengthening the emotion of LOVE.
12. Cancer is caused by vaccines & serums.
13. 85% of our diseases are caused by strong emotions.
14. The brain can repair itself & heal-WOW!
15. We also have to avoid electromagnetic pollution in our world to be healthy.

Because I missed the first intro lesson I did not have any input into deciding the time for our group call. Initially it was tough to meet for our time of 8:15am because we are retired. However, when we went to Mexico the time for the call moved from Pacific time to Mountain time for me i.e. 9:15am. this was much better for me personally cuz I'm not a morning person. I enjoyed & looked forward to starting my day with each call.

The format for everyone to actively share from every lesson was great help & support & made me accountable to complete each assignment. I appreciated having to do the cleanses for homework to help my body.

The wealth of information was amazing. I knew some of it but not ALL of it & the scientific studies to back it up by Dr's was great. I hope to feel more confident sharing this knowledge with others.

The format for each call & lesson was great. Loved listening to the "ON HOLD" song!

The wealth of information was amazing, but invaluable for understanding how our bodies can heal themselves. To learn to take back our power to heal ourselves & not rely on a drug pedaling medical system.

The 100% commitment to do the 10 items on the chart every day was a good way to stay focused on our health goal to heal the body. The time commitment was doable even spending 8 days driving to Mexico. Of course, I'm one of those people that if I pay for something I follow through completely.

I had taken a lot of biology courses 30 years ago & thought I was staying current, but learned so much more up-to-date information about our human body through this course. I hope I can help my kids & husband & anyone else that will listen! I will definitely continue to apply my learning to my life to live to be 100+!!!

The main implication is that the human body can heal itself given the proper correct nutrition & super quality supplements for help if there are physical problems. As Donna says: " there is no cancer in her world, just injuries that can be healed.

I am so very grateful that I chose to take this course overtaking any meds for my diagnoses by my medical doctor. I have learned so much more about the human body & I am very glad that I finally understand how to beat the big C- cancer.

Submitted by ANNE