Friday, February 2, 2018

TAFYH Evaluation Rob February 1, 2018

TAFYH  Evaluation  Rob  February 1, 2018

Ahha’s: I often had several Ahha moments per lesson, so mentioning only one during our follow up during the subsequent lesson often seemed incomplete for me. Touching on some of them:
The Disease Tree:  there are only 4 root causes of all disease conditions and all could be dramatically improved it the causes were addressed, the damaged caused by lectins, the importance of water, the problems caused by Candida, the benefits of maintaining an internal temperature of 37C., the relationships between the organs, body systems, foods, herbs, senses and emotions in the Chinese Constitutional Elements,  Dr. Hering’s Law of Cure establishing that healing follows a regimen,  that organs can heal or be rebuilt in less than 365 days, that there are Emergency procedures for heart attacks and strokes, cancer does not have to be a death sentence,  gall stones can be dissolved without surgery,  Cat’s Claw and Silver can heal infections without antibiotics, brain infrastructure can be rebuilt, and finally that it is extraordinarily important to compose, document and refer to one’s personal plan to improve and maintain health.

Time:  As this is not my main professional season, I was able to deliver on my commitment to being on the call every day and taking time to review the material afterward.

Participation: I like the opportunity and necessity for every student to participate. Listening to everyone is a great help and support. It was encouraging that in our group were people with significant knowledge in experience in related areas that helped fill in some blanks.

Education: The education I have received in these past few weeks is very beneficial.  It has caused me to reconsider some aspects of health that I previously did not understand the importance of.  Society is often complacent about many things. I am grateful that there is truth which is available to those who are willing to search for it.  I am also grateful that periodically, Donna made time to address questions that arose.

Structure: Classes followed the same structure each day, so the next step in the call was predictable, and I knew what was expected of me every day.  I felt the recognition/ acknowledgement section at the end of each week was a thoughtful touch.

Information:  For me, every single day was mostly new information. There was always lots of new material to sink one’s teeth into.  At times, there was some “unlearning” required because as a society, we have been fed significant amounts of wrong information that should be replaced with the accurate information. Having the lessons in print form so I can review the information over and over is a big plus.  I have investigated several of the experts and sources cited, for my own deeper grasp of the subject matter.

Commitment: I am grateful for the daily commitment to continue practicing course principles and incorporating new material and ideas into our lifestyles.  I also thing the Tag Team idea is very important.  Not only do we benefit from the support, but often, team members are interested in exploring what we are learning.

Application: This course has helped me be more confident in understanding herbs (particularly the NSP catalog) and how the body works in systems. I am encouraged to know that what I am learning can actually help anyone who is open to considering that western medicine does NOT have all the answers.

Implications: The implications of all I have learned are deep and significant. I have shared some of these principles with friends and have been encouraged that many agree in principle. It is also interesting to note that I have met others who have also given up sugar, or practice other principles that TAFYH espouses.  The implications could be astounding when more are willing to vote with their money avoid buying processed “Food” and treat their bodies with greater respect.  Real food would get cheaper if it were the majority of what filled grocery stores. 

Reaching Others:   Through this course, I have gained more confidence in talking to people about their health.

BSQ’s as form of measurement: I think the BSQ is an effective tool to more accurately diagnose which system may be struggling, rather than just guess at a cause from a symptom.  The people I asked were willing to participate, and asked intelligent questions. Sometimes, people have difficulty knowing where to draw the line between current symptoms and ones that have not been observed in many years.

Future Subject Matter:     As we are on the verge of the legalization of Marijuana, I think a lesson on CBD would be helpful to future students.

Comments: I am very grateful to you and for the hunger that prompted these decades of investigation and work that went into this course. I am grateful to be a beneficiary of the same.