Thursday, June 7, 2018

Ron's Evaluation

Ron's Evaluation
 I had a lot of Ahha moments in this course.
Most important…there are only 4 root causes of all diseased conditions.
Eliminate the “EDIBLE POLLUTION” that we put into our bodies!
Feed our bodies with nutrients instead of chemicals
Rebuild your body instead of treating a symptom with drugs
With regards to the time I feel that the morning motivation and education call is invaluable. I was unable to participate in this call due to work and had to be self motivated. I had no problem completing the cleanses and taking the nutritionals but missed out on being part of the team and gaining the knowledge, motivation and experience that the rest of the team was rewarded with each morning.
Education: The education I have received in these past few weeks is invaluable to me.  This education has taught me a new way of life that I can share with others and take with me throughout life

Structure: I liked the structure. I knew what was expected of me every day.
Information: I liked having a new lesson every day. There is so much reprogramming to do to unlearn the disinformation that the large food companies and big pharma have spent a lifetime teaching us.
There is just enough homework to keep us learning without information overload.

I committed to taking the supplements twice a day and doing all of my homework which kept me accountable, learning and on track.

Implications: it was difficult to change my diet and eliminate the bad food choices that have been keeping me sick. Now I am aware of the consequences of poor food choices and shop wiser and can share my new knowledge with sheeple that are eating life altering bad engineered food.

Reaching Others: Again, through this course I have gained more confidence in talking to people about their health.

BSQ’s as form of measurement: I love the BSQ’s
I like having a benchmark to gauge my progress.
My BSQ has gone down from 61 to 36

Comments: I am very grateful to you and for all the work that went into this course. I have learned so much and it has reshaped how I think about health and how I process a symptom or disease that someone is explaining to me.
I will be starting the course over to review all of the information now that the big picture has become clearer

Thank you again Donna for all your hard work and dedication to your vision of health
Your program is a blessing and a must have for… well… everyone!
Thanks again,
Ron Coll

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Linda'a Health Plan

Linda'a Health Plan
This is my Health Plan that I will use moving forward to grow stronger in body and mind.
My Mission: is to work on a healthier body and nutritional plan for long term use.
Vision: My vision is losing another 60 pounds within the next year healthy and slowly with the right foods and nutrients of Nature Sunshine Products and to also not be dependent of western medications which I have been taking for the last 3 years for Heart and Diabetes.
Therapeutic Health Plan: is using the ABCD Plan
A – Activate: to continue use Cat’s Claw to help with my lymphatic system and using ionic breathing.  To continue with exercise as in biking, swimming, walking and working out.
B – Build: Continuing to stay away from grains, sugar and legumes in my diet and eating green leafy vegetables and eating organic free range chickens and grass fed beef.  Daily drinking my smoothie that contains: Nature’s Harvest, Chlorophyll, Chinese Chi Mineral, Collitrim Plus and drinking lots of water.
C – Cleanse: To periodically do a Bowel, Liver and Kidney Cleanse – and in the next few weeks I will do a Parasite Cleanse. On a daily I will continue to use Psyllium Hulls Combination and LBS II.
D – Structual – I use LBS II again for my Bowel, Chlorophyll to clean my blood and MC for my heart.
There are other nutrients I will looking into to use to help my body such as: Vitamin B12, Calcuim and Magnesium.
I give gratitude to Mother Earth for the wonderful foods that are supplied for us and I thank Donna Roth for helping me with the TAFYH Course, to help me understand health and the nutrition that will help my body and for teaching me this information to help others.  



My success story for taking the TAFYH program, is the information which I received in learning on how to take control of my health.  Only I am the one who can do this and with being accountable throughout the course has made me a stronger person to take control of my eating habits and nourishing my body with healthy herbs from Nature Sunshine Products.  With this program I have lost inches and a few pounds which I will continue to work in bettering my health and soon to be off my Western Medications.  I am grateful for the knowledge which in time I will be able to help others with their health issues.  As well, I have more energy within my body and clarity in my brain than I have in the past 10 years.  With the start of this course my BSQ (Body System Questionnaire) was 
Total of 98 with the individual high marks were in 
Structural – 14, 
Urinary – 12
Respiratory – 11.  
My numbers 8 weeks later are a follows: 
Total 42 – with my highs marks were in; 
Intestinal - 7, 
Structural – 6, 
Hepatic – 5. 
Whoot Whoot I lost 56 points
TAYFH is an amazing program and I truly believe everyone needs to know their own health.

Linda's Evaluation

I had many Ahha moments in this course which I did not know.  Here are a few that stick out for me.  Dr Otto Warburg noted that lack of oxygen is not the prime cause of cancer – toxins are the prime cause of cancer and sugar feeds cancer.  Ionic Breathing helps with the flow of positive and negative ions in the body.  I learned certain foods to avoid which contains grains, sugar, starches and legumes.  I was fascinated to learn that your body can rebuild itself in less than 365 days and that foods are depleted with nutrients and minerals that feed the body and using Nature Sunshine products helps to regain what we are lacking in our foods of today.
I found the morning worked best for me as I was driving into work and with the help of Grant. Just a few times I had to leave the call as I had to get into work as it went over the 15 minutes.
It helped me listening to everyone’s questions and Donna’s responses.  I felt our group was very supportive and I know we could contact one another if needed too.  It made me accountable with my heavy work schedule with connecting with my support group as well with each lesson.
I enjoyed the education of the TAFYH program and Donna has given us a lot of information to use to educate others with their health.
The structure of the course was perfect, and it was known each day what was expected of everyone.
I really enjoyed each lesson as I learned something new everyday.  Some days I wanted to know more about a certain subject as I know there is more to it. Example:  The Heart with using COQ10 and learning about other products for the heart as I really need to get off all my medications without laser.
When I signed up to for this course I made a commitment to be there each and everyday (only missed one day) and I here to help myself and others.  I’m very thankful and full of gratitude for Donna Roth for taking it upon herself to build this course and share it with others.
I have a better understanding of herbs and nutrition and how my body works with different products especially with doing different cleanse such as: bowel, kidney and liver /gall stone cleanses.  I’m able to come out of my box and I have more knowledge.
The implications are telling others about what we have learned and hope that they are eager to learn what I know.
Reaching Others:
Throughout the course I have reached out to many people regarding TAFYH and Nature Sunshine Products – letting them know that there is an alternative than Western Medication.
BSQ’a as form of Measurement:
I found the BSQ helpful to me once I understood the ABCD of the program.  The people I have done a BSQ for were still skeptical - even after I explained what they needed to help their health.  Some didn’t want to spend the money and then there are those who thought they knew what was best for them.  NEXT…..
As I mentioned before I am full of gratitude for Donna Roth taking on and creating a health program that is easy to follow.  I’m also very thankful that Donna is there for us whenever we have a question or unsure what to do with a certain ailment.  Thank you so much Donna.

Grant ’s Personal Health Plan

Grant ’s Personal Health Plan

My personal health plan contains a new vision and statement for the next five years.
Mission: to move forward, toward a better life style of understanding my health care needs and promoting a stronger active lifestyle for the future.

Vision: within next six months to a year to revise my BSQ scores to check in on how my health plan is working for me in the future and to make the correct changes needed for my personal health.
Therapeutic Health Plan:
            A – Activate: To stay the course by following the using of Cat’s Claw for the lymphatic system, ionic breathing and a strong exercise program to help the structural support of my body as it ages.
            B – Building; To maintain eating the right foods and super foods shakes ad by using the energy colours for support in rebuilding my body back to its natural state of good health.
-          Red is for Chinses Minera Chi Tonic to help Immune System and a miner4al balancer.
-          Yellow is for Flax Hull Lignan’s to help promotes regularity, binds toxic Estrogens and Anti Cancer properties.
-          Green is Chlorophyll to help promote sweet breath, soothes throat.  After Chemo Therapy and is a Blood Builder for the body.
-          Blue is for the water intake for our body ad for berries we eat also for Zambrosa a general tonic to promotes balance.
-          White is for Collatrim Plus helps the rebuild muscle and joints and support the tightening up the weight loss.
C – Cleanse: to maintain a regular cleansing practise for my bowel, kidney, liver and gallbladder flush in a timely manner and along with detox basic and Para Pack.
D – Structural: Zerenity for stress and depression, Spirulina for brain function health, protein ad B12, Probiotic II for my stomach and to control my headaches.
E – I express gratitude toward the people who supported me during my TAFYH and to the universe that supplies me with strength to move in my every day recovery.
To all discomforts such as grains, legumes and sugar product in my diet that causes internal damage to my body, so that they can eliminated from my daily life.

Grant's Evaluation

Grant's  Evaluation

AHHA’S: During the TAFYH course there were many different ahha’s moments to choose from and here is just a few that stood out for me during TAFYH. Like when your body temperature stays at 37c cancer can not grow within the body. Dr. Hering’s Law of cure states that disease reverses it self. Cancer is not s death sentence and the PAW PAW program can over come cancer. There are six Chinese Constitutional Elements that effect our bodies health.

Time: For amazing information put into 15 minutes every morning gave more then enough time for me to understand TAFYH lesson’s each day.

Participation: The format of participation was very good, when everyone listens to each other with the support of commitment that we all placed into course together.

Education: The information given to us was very valuable in site to our health on how to take care of our bodies and to be able to pass along good healthy information to others who need help.

Structure: The structure of the course was well done, it gave me a clear picture of what to expect completing the program for success.

Information: I found the information very strong and accurate during the course and it helped me put together a stronger health plan.

Commitment: I found it much easier doing the TAFYH second time and having the 15 minutes every morning with Donna and group help me focus on more of my health problems and achieving my goals for better health.

Application: By learning from this course, it has given me a stronger in site in how our body acts with herbs a nutrition in the healing and support that we need for successful health body. With this information I can give to others, that are willing to help themselves in healing process.

Implication: The thing I learned the most is that how much grain, sugar and starch that we consume in our body on a daily base is unbelievable. The effects from coming from a mostly sugar free world to a world of sugar dominated with lots of starches inside our food products of today. So, it is very important for us to eat the right foods and add to our diet the proper herbs and minerals to supplement our diets.
Over the past few month’s talking to other people about the TAFYH program and what it has done foe me, still people will not listen to reason but still believe what medical world has to say about their health problems. So, I can only hope one day that they will open their mind to a better way of healing themselves.

Reaching others: By using this program gives me strength a confidence to be able to talk to others about their health.

BSQ as form of measurement: Is a very good way to open a conversation about their health and help them purchase products for their health needs. It also gives look at their bodies need.

Comments: I am very grateful for all the hard work you placed into this program and the helping of others with their health problems. Also, grateful for your helping me getting my health back on track. Thank you for your class. Very well done!!!     

Success Story by Grant May 2018

Success Story by Grant May 2018

My success story is not about me in the begging but about other’s in their quest to perfect healthy life and the person I would like to acknowledge is my wife Linda.
I have watch her transformation for the past few month’s and notices a lot of changes in her life style from the way she walk’s and weight loss over pasted few
For me I have number of changes since the last time taking part in TAFYH and some of my changes has been in the slowing down of my headaches in the past few months since I have been taken Probiotic 11 and just lately having gone threw a liver biopsy.
The surgeon who performed the biopsy told me from the samples from my liver looked very health and does not expect any problems. During time before the biopsy I was using LIV-A in the healing process of my liver. I still have many more challenges to be removed from me, by knowing this I am on the right track to perfect health once again.
My BSQ scores at the begging of TAFYH was 71 and my new score is 49 a drop of 22 points so by doing TAFYH for the second time I have seen new improvements in my health once again.
It shows just a little bit of work each day does make a difference in ones own health and for that I say thank you Donna 

Evaluation by Crystal

Evaluation by Crystal
 The brain can be healed
 The common cold is doing us a favour by removing mucus and toxins
 There are four root causes of disease.
 There are natural laws that can regenerate our bodies
 The body wants to heal itself given the right supplements, oxygen levels and mindset
 The kidney plays a huge role in our health
 Oxidation is key to healthy cells
  Anger and the liver can be associated
 Candida can go to any organ even your DNA line
I am so grateful to Donna for her research and program development.  I really like the disease tree and find it helpful.
 Good time for allotment for the average person
 I liked the consistency and structure of the program.  I enjoyed the different personalities and others participation. 
 Was very current, worthwhile and informative.  I have made a personal commitment to myself and a change in lifestyle.  With the knowledge I have gained I can apply the ABCD`s with my clients and utilizing the products properly. 
 The body can heal itself with super foods and the right care and supplementation
 I have not had one inaccurate one yet and I have done several with clients
 As I fill out this evaluation I am realizing the word consistency keeps returning to me.  Thank you Donna for teaching us consistency.

Vision of Health by Crystal

Vision of Health

I radiate vitality and life to others around me
I listen to the still voice inside me that helps guide me to health
I spend time meditating in an atmosphere of peace and mindfulness
Love is in and around me
I am connected to the one true God
I am living with an abundant mindset in everything I do
I am walking in my purpose
I have a calm mind
I take responsibility for my health
I have a Super food smoothie daily, eat the right foods and take supplements for nutrition and prevention of CA
I am accomplishing my goals daily
My hormones are balanced and sustaining my health
My bones are restored
My digestion has everything it needs to function as it was made to
My glandular system is happy and so am I 

Crystal Success Story

Success Story

 BSQ dropped from 58 to 22
 Body temperature is moving up
 Energy levels have increased
 Sugar cravings have decreased
  BP is good
 I am inspired to consistent commitment regarding my Health
TAFYH has affected me both physically and mentally.  I experienced myself cross over to a much more serious stance to committing to a consistent health plan and holding myself accountable.  My  husband has also crossed over to a full commitment through my journey ( he followed along daily with us) ..and it is so nice to make this a lifestyle together.
I am grateful for your work Donna and your forerunner spirit as well as your joyfilled laugh.  I am grateful for your keen interest and care for your students.

Now on to the NATIONS!!!

Crystal Health Plan

`Each day is a day of decision, and our decisions determine our destiny``
                                                                                            Russell M Nelson
 Moving my body every day
 Joining a gym
 Exercise a min of 3-5 hrs per week
  Walking
 Treadmill
 Resistance training
 Cats claw for my Lymphatic system
 Fresh air for ions
 Eat the right organic foods
 A daily superfood smoothie for energy and stem cells
 Nutri burn protien
 Collatrim plus
 Flax hull lignans
 Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic
 Solistic energy
 Blueberries
 Chlorophyll in water
 Probiotic II
 Vit D
 LBSII- and Psyllium hulls and lots of water               
 Bowel 
 Kidney, Liver and Gall bladder flush
  Include  this year
o Clean start
o Candida cleanse
o MC and oral Chelation o Para pack
 Address dental, Xrays-MC

Judy Health Plan

Judy Health Plan
Stay committed. Be faithful to your body
ACTIVATE Activate with a exercise -2-3 daily walks with the dog, exercise with weights Ionic breathing daily in the fresh air Cats claw -engages the lymphatic system and immune system-take 2/2x day
BUILD Eat the right foods, no grains, sugars or starches. Take a smoothie daily -chi tonic, solstic energy, flag Lignans, collatrim plus, chlorophyll, capsicum, Take Protease plus for digestion Probiotics 11 -4x/day-2 am, 2pm Vit D3  -take 10,000 units/day.  Acts as a hormone in your body Nervous-Zerenity or RE-X
CLEANSE Daily-psyllium husks comb,  LBSII (2) *Circulatory -MC & curQcuminBP taking 2x/day til NOV 18 bowel cleanse -2x/yr Liver/gallbladder cleanse- 4x/yr Kidney flush-1x/wk
 *Take LIV-C and lecithin 2x/day every 2 mos. for maintenance.
 *Structural-ART -arthritis
 *Candida cleanse -2/yr-doing Sept 18 Candida also affects the function of the thyroid, resulting in hypothyroid difficulties thereby slowing down metabolism and decreasing body temperature Reproductive -FE formula
Do BSQ 4x /yr
Sources of inflammation to address
Oral chelation to rid of toxins.
Vaccinations-not to take  flu shots
Dental plan for Root canals, Fillings
Inflammation -shoulder pain-lessen a lot cleaning products-done skin care, toothpaste, personal care products -done

TAFYH Evaluation by Judy May/2018

TAFYH Evaluation by Judy May/2018

Ahha's:  The Ahha moments were significant and important.  these are things I never thought of about health.

  • There are 4 root causes of disease in your body.  Identify them and they will become your road map to becoming healthy.
  • Leave the wrong foods behind.  By eliminating the wrong foods the body has an opportunity to heal.
  • Grains contain anti-nutrients called lectins which cause leaky gut
  • 80% if our immune system is found in our gastrointestinal tract.
  • Elevated cholesterol levels are there to protect you from serious heart disease , from injury and from cancer.
  • Potassium is a critical mineral for every cell in your body
  • The liver is the biochemical mastermind of the body
  • Cancer can only be overcome if the 5 pillars of health are addressed -injury , inflammation, elimination, infection, and circulation.

Time: 15 minute segments, 5 days/week.  Did it in the car on my way to work. Very doable. Lots of information given.
Participation:  loved the format.  Opportunity to ask questions and listen to others. Great help and support.  Great accountability.
Education:  The education was more than I expected and was pleasantly surprised.   Although biology was not my strong suit in school  I received great deal of insight from these lessons. This has been helpful for  my own health as well as for sharing with others.   Structure:  the structure was  easy to follow.  Made it easy to be accountable to my tag team and my team members.  The lessons in print form was great for reviewing and studying.  Had to lookup lots of words in the dictionary.  Lots of new information daily.
Commitment:  my vision board helped me to stay committed to myself,  to my tag team and my team members.  I looked forward to meeting with my team members on a daily basis.  This course has given greater understanding about herbs and how the body works together.  I felt is was very rewarding and it made it easy to stay committed.  "The sticker is the winner"
Implications:  Integrity and commitment was the greatest feature of this program. awesome team with great integrity.  Valuable information to share with others.   It could change their life and yours.  Reaching Others:  this course has given me more confidence to share my knowledge with others.  BSQ’s as form of measurement: this was a snapshot of my health to help  determine which system to start working  on.  A very good tool to share others as it will give insight on how to counsel and to determine what to do next.
Comments:  kudos to Donna for creating this course.  Lots of insight.  She never misses an opportunity to encourage you and to spur you on.   Her enthusiasm is infectious and spills over to everyone she meets.  This information given was golden and priceless.  Thank you Donna for being such a Great teacher and passing on your knowledge to us.

Judy's Story; Liver Disease Gone!

Judy's Story; Liver Disease Gone!

How many of us have had a  wake up call  and did  not pay attention to it.?
I have had a few in my life and did not pay attention to it because it would mean I would have to do something  about it.
Fortunately I paid attention to this wake up call.  I always considered myself to be in pretty good health, ate well, had my fruit and veggies, stayed away from junk food and took my vitamins.  Even my friends were shocked when I told them I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol.      That  didn't  deter me until I found out that I had  a toxic liver.  That sent out some alarm bells for me.  My Dr suggested I go on a statin drug to lower my cholesterol and bring my pressure down.
After doing research on cholesterol I decided NOT to take the statin drug.  Why?  Cholesterol  increases in your body because it is protecting your body from infection and heart attacks.
After I heard what the Dr said, I left the Dr's office on a quest to find  out what else was available outside the medical field.
I shared with my friend about my dilemma and asked her I'd the she had any suggestions for me.  She recommended I go to a nutritional seminar  so I could make an informed decision.
Thru that seminar, just like this one,  I was introduced to Nature's Sunshine products and the TAFYH program.      I was involved with nutritional products before and spent a lot of money  but never really understood  the relationship of food and super foods until I was introduced to the TAFYH program.   TAFYH stands for Take action for your health.  That was the piece of puzzle that was missing.
TAFYH broadened my horizons and challenged me to look outside the box.   Doctors are human too and do not have ALL the answers for our health.    I found out that Doctors need to be educated about nutrition just as much as we do.  TAFYH gave me the education I needed to make an informed decision about my liver problem.
Today , almost 8 wks later, taking supplements , eating the right foods, off grains, sugars and starches has helped not only my liver but my whole body.
My BSQ numbers dropped from 91 to 22
Urinary -10 to 4
Circulation -7 to 4
Nerves -14 to 2
Glandular -13 to 0
Structural -10 to 6
No more cravings
No more constipation
Chronic pain has subsided significantly.
My blood pressure has dropped to the 120’S.
My last liver blood test indicated that my ALP -protein found in the body tissues ( liver, bile and bones) dropped to 106.  Normal is 105. My ALT ( amt of enzymes in the blood) dropped to 34, normal is 30. When the ALT is up it means that there could be liver damage.  No Hep C found I have more energy than I know what to do with. To date have lost 14 lbs.
The program is not a guarantee.  You are the guarantee.  It takes perseverance, dedication, commitment and a willingness to stick to the program.  **Discipline is the bridge between goals ,,,,,,,,
My vision board slogan is "The sticker is the winner" kept me,thru all the challenges I faced during this course.
It was a slogan my DAD used when we were kids and it has stuck  with me.  The only difference is this journey is all about continuing to go forward in this new vision of health. You can't be successful if you don't stick to it.
Thomas Edison said,  Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to always  try one more time.
Walter Elliott said, Perseverance is not a long race. It is many short races one after the other.
The way that TAFYH is designed makes easy to be  accountable and to stick to the protocols.
Since starting this program my husband has gotten involved with the program and been following the protocols with me.   He has lost 20 lbs, feels fantastic and is now ready to take on the challenge of healing his prostate.