Sunday, June 3, 2018

Evaluation by Crystal

Evaluation by Crystal
 The brain can be healed
 The common cold is doing us a favour by removing mucus and toxins
 There are four root causes of disease.
 There are natural laws that can regenerate our bodies
 The body wants to heal itself given the right supplements, oxygen levels and mindset
 The kidney plays a huge role in our health
 Oxidation is key to healthy cells
  Anger and the liver can be associated
 Candida can go to any organ even your DNA line
I am so grateful to Donna for her research and program development.  I really like the disease tree and find it helpful.
 Good time for allotment for the average person
 I liked the consistency and structure of the program.  I enjoyed the different personalities and others participation. 
 Was very current, worthwhile and informative.  I have made a personal commitment to myself and a change in lifestyle.  With the knowledge I have gained I can apply the ABCD`s with my clients and utilizing the products properly. 
 The body can heal itself with super foods and the right care and supplementation
 I have not had one inaccurate one yet and I have done several with clients
 As I fill out this evaluation I am realizing the word consistency keeps returning to me.  Thank you Donna for teaching us consistency.