Sunday, June 3, 2018

Grant's Evaluation

Grant's  Evaluation

AHHA’S: During the TAFYH course there were many different ahha’s moments to choose from and here is just a few that stood out for me during TAFYH. Like when your body temperature stays at 37c cancer can not grow within the body. Dr. Hering’s Law of cure states that disease reverses it self. Cancer is not s death sentence and the PAW PAW program can over come cancer. There are six Chinese Constitutional Elements that effect our bodies health.

Time: For amazing information put into 15 minutes every morning gave more then enough time for me to understand TAFYH lesson’s each day.

Participation: The format of participation was very good, when everyone listens to each other with the support of commitment that we all placed into course together.

Education: The information given to us was very valuable in site to our health on how to take care of our bodies and to be able to pass along good healthy information to others who need help.

Structure: The structure of the course was well done, it gave me a clear picture of what to expect completing the program for success.

Information: I found the information very strong and accurate during the course and it helped me put together a stronger health plan.

Commitment: I found it much easier doing the TAFYH second time and having the 15 minutes every morning with Donna and group help me focus on more of my health problems and achieving my goals for better health.

Application: By learning from this course, it has given me a stronger in site in how our body acts with herbs a nutrition in the healing and support that we need for successful health body. With this information I can give to others, that are willing to help themselves in healing process.

Implication: The thing I learned the most is that how much grain, sugar and starch that we consume in our body on a daily base is unbelievable. The effects from coming from a mostly sugar free world to a world of sugar dominated with lots of starches inside our food products of today. So, it is very important for us to eat the right foods and add to our diet the proper herbs and minerals to supplement our diets.
Over the past few month’s talking to other people about the TAFYH program and what it has done foe me, still people will not listen to reason but still believe what medical world has to say about their health problems. So, I can only hope one day that they will open their mind to a better way of healing themselves.

Reaching others: By using this program gives me strength a confidence to be able to talk to others about their health.

BSQ as form of measurement: Is a very good way to open a conversation about their health and help them purchase products for their health needs. It also gives look at their bodies need.

Comments: I am very grateful for all the hard work you placed into this program and the helping of others with their health problems. Also, grateful for your helping me getting my health back on track. Thank you for your class. Very well done!!!