Sunday, June 3, 2018

Judy Health Plan

Judy Health Plan
Stay committed. Be faithful to your body
ACTIVATE Activate with a exercise -2-3 daily walks with the dog, exercise with weights Ionic breathing daily in the fresh air Cats claw -engages the lymphatic system and immune system-take 2/2x day
BUILD Eat the right foods, no grains, sugars or starches. Take a smoothie daily -chi tonic, solstic energy, flag Lignans, collatrim plus, chlorophyll, capsicum, Take Protease plus for digestion Probiotics 11 -4x/day-2 am, 2pm Vit D3  -take 10,000 units/day.  Acts as a hormone in your body Nervous-Zerenity or RE-X
CLEANSE Daily-psyllium husks comb,  LBSII (2) *Circulatory -MC & curQcuminBP taking 2x/day til NOV 18 bowel cleanse -2x/yr Liver/gallbladder cleanse- 4x/yr Kidney flush-1x/wk
 *Take LIV-C and lecithin 2x/day every 2 mos. for maintenance.
 *Structural-ART -arthritis
 *Candida cleanse -2/yr-doing Sept 18 Candida also affects the function of the thyroid, resulting in hypothyroid difficulties thereby slowing down metabolism and decreasing body temperature Reproductive -FE formula
Do BSQ 4x /yr
Sources of inflammation to address
Oral chelation to rid of toxins.
Vaccinations-not to take  flu shots
Dental plan for Root canals, Fillings
Inflammation -shoulder pain-lessen a lot cleaning products-done skin care, toothpaste, personal care products -done