Sunday, June 3, 2018



My success story for taking the TAFYH program, is the information which I received in learning on how to take control of my health.  Only I am the one who can do this and with being accountable throughout the course has made me a stronger person to take control of my eating habits and nourishing my body with healthy herbs from Nature Sunshine Products.  With this program I have lost inches and a few pounds which I will continue to work in bettering my health and soon to be off my Western Medications.  I am grateful for the knowledge which in time I will be able to help others with their health issues.  As well, I have more energy within my body and clarity in my brain than I have in the past 10 years.  With the start of this course my BSQ (Body System Questionnaire) was 
Total of 98 with the individual high marks were in 
Structural – 14, 
Urinary – 12
Respiratory – 11.  
My numbers 8 weeks later are a follows: 
Total 42 – with my highs marks were in; 
Intestinal - 7, 
Structural – 6, 
Hepatic – 5. 
Whoot Whoot I lost 56 points
TAYFH is an amazing program and I truly believe everyone needs to know their own health.