Sunday, June 3, 2018

Linda'a Health Plan

Linda'a Health Plan
This is my Health Plan that I will use moving forward to grow stronger in body and mind.
My Mission: is to work on a healthier body and nutritional plan for long term use.
Vision: My vision is losing another 60 pounds within the next year healthy and slowly with the right foods and nutrients of Nature Sunshine Products and to also not be dependent of western medications which I have been taking for the last 3 years for Heart and Diabetes.
Therapeutic Health Plan: is using the ABCD Plan
A – Activate: to continue use Cat’s Claw to help with my lymphatic system and using ionic breathing.  To continue with exercise as in biking, swimming, walking and working out.
B – Build: Continuing to stay away from grains, sugar and legumes in my diet and eating green leafy vegetables and eating organic free range chickens and grass fed beef.  Daily drinking my smoothie that contains: Nature’s Harvest, Chlorophyll, Chinese Chi Mineral, Collitrim Plus and drinking lots of water.
C – Cleanse: To periodically do a Bowel, Liver and Kidney Cleanse – and in the next few weeks I will do a Parasite Cleanse. On a daily I will continue to use Psyllium Hulls Combination and LBS II.
D – Structual – I use LBS II again for my Bowel, Chlorophyll to clean my blood and MC for my heart.
There are other nutrients I will looking into to use to help my body such as: Vitamin B12, Calcuim and Magnesium.
I give gratitude to Mother Earth for the wonderful foods that are supplied for us and I thank Donna Roth for helping me with the TAFYH Course, to help me understand health and the nutrition that will help my body and for teaching me this information to help others.