Sunday, June 3, 2018

Linda's Evaluation

I had many Ahha moments in this course which I did not know.  Here are a few that stick out for me.  Dr Otto Warburg noted that lack of oxygen is not the prime cause of cancer – toxins are the prime cause of cancer and sugar feeds cancer.  Ionic Breathing helps with the flow of positive and negative ions in the body.  I learned certain foods to avoid which contains grains, sugar, starches and legumes.  I was fascinated to learn that your body can rebuild itself in less than 365 days and that foods are depleted with nutrients and minerals that feed the body and using Nature Sunshine products helps to regain what we are lacking in our foods of today.
I found the morning worked best for me as I was driving into work and with the help of Grant. Just a few times I had to leave the call as I had to get into work as it went over the 15 minutes.
It helped me listening to everyone’s questions and Donna’s responses.  I felt our group was very supportive and I know we could contact one another if needed too.  It made me accountable with my heavy work schedule with connecting with my support group as well with each lesson.
I enjoyed the education of the TAFYH program and Donna has given us a lot of information to use to educate others with their health.
The structure of the course was perfect, and it was known each day what was expected of everyone.
I really enjoyed each lesson as I learned something new everyday.  Some days I wanted to know more about a certain subject as I know there is more to it. Example:  The Heart with using COQ10 and learning about other products for the heart as I really need to get off all my medications without laser.
When I signed up to for this course I made a commitment to be there each and everyday (only missed one day) and I here to help myself and others.  I’m very thankful and full of gratitude for Donna Roth for taking it upon herself to build this course and share it with others.
I have a better understanding of herbs and nutrition and how my body works with different products especially with doing different cleanse such as: bowel, kidney and liver /gall stone cleanses.  I’m able to come out of my box and I have more knowledge.
The implications are telling others about what we have learned and hope that they are eager to learn what I know.
Reaching Others:
Throughout the course I have reached out to many people regarding TAFYH and Nature Sunshine Products – letting them know that there is an alternative than Western Medication.
BSQ’a as form of Measurement:
I found the BSQ helpful to me once I understood the ABCD of the program.  The people I have done a BSQ for were still skeptical - even after I explained what they needed to help their health.  Some didn’t want to spend the money and then there are those who thought they knew what was best for them.  NEXT…..
As I mentioned before I am full of gratitude for Donna Roth taking on and creating a health program that is easy to follow.  I’m also very thankful that Donna is there for us whenever we have a question or unsure what to do with a certain ailment.  Thank you so much Donna.