Thursday, June 7, 2018

Ron's Evaluation

Ron's Evaluation
 I had a lot of Ahha moments in this course.
Most important…there are only 4 root causes of all diseased conditions.
Eliminate the “EDIBLE POLLUTION” that we put into our bodies!
Feed our bodies with nutrients instead of chemicals
Rebuild your body instead of treating a symptom with drugs
With regards to the time I feel that the morning motivation and education call is invaluable. I was unable to participate in this call due to work and had to be self motivated. I had no problem completing the cleanses and taking the nutritionals but missed out on being part of the team and gaining the knowledge, motivation and experience that the rest of the team was rewarded with each morning.
Education: The education I have received in these past few weeks is invaluable to me.  This education has taught me a new way of life that I can share with others and take with me throughout life

Structure: I liked the structure. I knew what was expected of me every day.
Information: I liked having a new lesson every day. There is so much reprogramming to do to unlearn the disinformation that the large food companies and big pharma have spent a lifetime teaching us.
There is just enough homework to keep us learning without information overload.

I committed to taking the supplements twice a day and doing all of my homework which kept me accountable, learning and on track.

Implications: it was difficult to change my diet and eliminate the bad food choices that have been keeping me sick. Now I am aware of the consequences of poor food choices and shop wiser and can share my new knowledge with sheeple that are eating life altering bad engineered food.

Reaching Others: Again, through this course I have gained more confidence in talking to people about their health.

BSQ’s as form of measurement: I love the BSQ’s
I like having a benchmark to gauge my progress.
My BSQ has gone down from 61 to 36

Comments: I am very grateful to you and for all the work that went into this course. I have learned so much and it has reshaped how I think about health and how I process a symptom or disease that someone is explaining to me.
I will be starting the course over to review all of the information now that the big picture has become clearer

Thank you again Donna for all your hard work and dedication to your vision of health
Your program is a blessing and a must have for… well… everyone!
Thanks again,
Ron Coll