Saturday, August 25, 2018

Success Stories : Completion Ceremony TAFYH Team 43

Success Stories : Completion Ceremony TAFYH Team 43, August 23/2018
Congratulations to 5 people who completed TAFYH.
Dr. Sue

BSQ  dropped from 93 to 27, Intestinal 10 to 5, Respiratory 11 to 6, Glandular 13 to 5, Nerves 10 to 2
Body temperature increased from 35.1 to 35.9
Anxiety has dissipated
Food allergies are gone and BSQ Digestive is now at a 0 so improvement is great
Sleeps like a baby
Mental sluggishness is gone
Mind is clear and focused
Memory has improved and childhood memories are returning
No alcohol for 2 months; used to have 3 tonics every night
Skin allergies gone
Shortness of breath is gone; it is now so easy to run, and muscles are not sore
I am now training to be a TAFYH leader

Dr. Sue
BSQ dropped from 30 to 10
My mental approach to my body is now totally different
Indoctrinated in Western medicine I was taught to go to the GP when sick
I thought I would have to get those diseases they talk about.
I learned that I am in charge
I now have access to new information, a focus and a purpose.
I was resistant to this program; I had seen many ND’s and I gave up on alternatives.
I now have a mindset of movement.
My body is now toned
I lost 9 pounds
My skin is glowing
Alcohol and sweet cravings are gone. It was dominating my life.
Emotional swings are gone; I am more balanced
I love the simplicity of life.
It is fun and simple, and it makes me happy.
I am now concerned about other people and I am telling others about this.

BSQ dropped from 108 to 51 Intestinal 12 to 7, Structual 14 to 6, Digestive 11 to 6
Body temperature was 96 and now it averages 97.3
I am more alert in the morning
More mental clarity and more connected
My feet were painfully sore and so cold like blocks of ice; I used a space heater in the summer time
That pain is now gone and no more heater
I have not had a pain injection for a long time now.
My desire for sweetness is gone
Optimism and hope is restored.

BSQ dropped from 49 to 24, Hepatic 8 to 5, Glandular 6 to 2, Structural 5 to 2
Achy joints are gone
Commitment to exercise was tough but now I can ride a bike for 8 k and can do yoga
I lost 5 pounds and lots if inches
Lots more energy
Skin is healthier
Cysts are shrinking and some have gone away
I am eating less; cravings are gone
Bloating has decreased
This is the best thing I could have done.
I am getting old and I don’t have to be in pain or lose my memory.
I feel invigorated, empowered and I love it  and I am sharing it.

Friday, August 24, 2018



Well, I used to define success as reaching your final goal, but that has now changed. I look for changes, however subtle, to define success. So I begin my journey...

I know for sure that I am more alert in the morning hours. No more sluggish feelings but feelings of being ready for the day. 

My feet have lost their sensation of being in blocks of ice. They are still numb and somewhat dead feeling but the extreme cold painful sensation has dissipated

I no longer need a heater on my legs in the morning. 

My desire for sweet things has been curbed. It doesn’t bother me if someone else is enjoying a decadent dessert in my space. Actually, I’m finding fruit too sweet for me. 

Optimism and hope are being restored. 



AHHA’s:  I have been enlightened many times throughout the course. I have had a 180 degree shift from looking at the body as specific systems to looking at it as a  whole.  The body works as a whole and treating it should look at the root of its problems. Our bodies are amazing and should be treated and cared for. 

TIME:  Since we started at 7:30, it was a great way to start the day.  Once I got over not having my summer sleep-ins, the calls became a part of my routine. 

PARTICIPATION:  The conference calls made you accountable for the previous lesson. The calls were a wonderful review and highlighted what stood out for others in the group as well as yourself. 

EDUCATION:  The course offered insightful information in a manageable format. 

STRUCTURE:  I really liked the predictable format. I felt prepared and ready for the day’s lesson. 

INFORMATION:  The information I learned from this course is invaluable. Of the courses I have taken, the knowledge will stay with me and be shared with others.  

COMMITMENT:  Having to be accountable on a daily basis made committing to the course easier.  For one who likes to be on top of homework, as little as may be, worked for me!

APPLICATION: The tools to apply the knowledge gained is straightforward and understandable. 

IMPLICATIONS: The implications are life changing!  I wish I had access to this years ago, but no time like the present 😊

REACHING OTHERS:  Visuals and success stories speak volumes. We all seem to harbour something so it will be easy to open a dialogue after being so informed with this course. Others ahha’s usually start a conversation and so it begins. 

BSQ as a form of measurement:  It is a quick and easy tool to use for assessing the root of health issues. 

COMMENTS:  I am delighted to have been introduced to Donna and this course. I look at it as a life style I didn’t know of before. It was only when my health failed me that I “looked outside the box.”  This is a lifelong journey and one that I plan to see through.