Wednesday, November 7, 2018


BSQ dropped from 26 to 16 Circulation 6 to 2, Glandular 5 to 2, Intestinal 3 to 1 Body temperature was 35.11 and now 36.50 Anxiety has dissipated.
Brain fog has disappeared leaving me with a thirst for more knowledge and being able to remember more.
My pain level which was a 10 is now down to 1.
I am sleeping more through the night.
My weight was 165 now now to 153.2.
My mind is clearer and I am more focused.
I am able to vacuum the whole main floor of our house with very little stress and much faster.
It is beautiful to have warm feet not blocks of ice.
I love what I have learned and am looking forward to being able to teach TAFYH to others!
I have learned that I am in control of my life.