Monday, December 17, 2018

Health Plan

Health Plan – Tricia Clark Darby
December - 2018
A – Activate: With Ionic breathing, exercise using DVD and Easy Vitality machine, continue to use Cat’s Claw for lymphatic/immune system.
B – Build:  Have Super Food Shake daily
ü  Mineral Chi Tonic am and pm
ü  Flax Hull Lignans
ü  Colatrim Plus am and pm
ü  Berries am and clean water several x daily
ü  Cholophyll in glass of clean water 4 x daily
Notes: Eliminate grains, sugars, legumes, processed foods and antibiotics. Eat the right foods.
C – Cleanse: Psyillium Hulls Combination 2-3 tsp twice daily and  2 LBS 11 2 x daily. Bowel cleanse once a month, kidney flush weekly until results are achieved, liver/ gallbladder flush twice a year.
      Notes: Once I educate myself on other cleanses, I will plan to do more of them within the year.
D – Direct Herbals:
ü  Digestive: Enzymes, Cholophyll, Aloe Vera juice
ü  Hepatic: Liv-C, Hydrangea, Lecithin
ü  Respiratory: AL-C Combination
ü  Circulation:  Capsicum, MC
ü  Structural: Liquid Calcium, CA-ATC, Collatrim Plus
ü  Nervous: Magnesium Complex
ü  Glandular: Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic
ü  Immune: Cat’s Claw. Curcumin, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic
ü  Intestinal: Psyllium Hulls Comb., LBS11, Pau-D-Arco
I will monitor body temperature and do the Candida test monthly.
I plan to replace all cleaning products with non-toxic products. I am committed to continue using non-toxic skin care and h