Monday, December 17, 2018

TAFYH Evaluation

TAFYH Evaluation - Tricia Clark Darby

Ahha’s: I had many ‘Ah ha’ moments in this course. There are only 4 root causes of all diseased conditions; nutritional deficiency, toxicity, stress and trauma. Paw Paw is almost 1 million times stronger than Adriamycin chemotherapy - the Paw Paw program can overcome cancer.  Cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37C. Dr. Hering’s Law of Cure states that disease reverses itself. The body can heal in 365 days. Weak kidneys create weak bones. High cholesterol levels are protection from cancer and heart disease. Gall stones can be dissolved without surgery. Cat’s Claw and Silver can heal infections without antibiotics.

Time: I found 8:40 am to be very acceptable.  It is amazing how much information can be given in 15 minutes.

Participation: I like the participation format. The few minutes the participants had for a brief greeting prior to beginning the lesson was appreciated.  I enjoyed receiving the information and instruction about tests and cleanses and the experience of doing them.

Education: The education I have received has been comprehensive and beyond what I could ever have imagined.  The course material delved deep into the causes and effects and natural remedies for diseases and pointed out how everything is interconnected.  This course has given me a much deeper understanding of what I thought I knew. It gives me the tools to heal myself and help others do the same.

Structure: The course was well organized in regards to time and content.
Information: There is a huge amount of vital information in this course. I plan to go through each lesson as many times as it takes for me to absorb and reflect on the details and then take informative action.

Commitment: The time (8:40am) and duration (20 min) of the class was perfect! It allowed me to take the course and free up the rest of the day for my other commitments.

Application: This course has supplied a vast amount of detailed information and practical solutions to any disease issue. Once I have studied the data and comprehended its’ application, I would then feel confident in my ability to help myself and others more effectively.

Implications: Knowledge is power but action is required.
-  It is comforting to know that the power of healing is within me and to restore my health I simply need to give my body what it needs, remove what is poisoning it and nourish it through eating ‘right’ foods and ‘right’ thinking.
- In adopting  a new lifestyle and learning to obey the Laws of Health, I can be pain free, disease free, and saturated with new life and vitality
- Because of my acquired new knowledge, I know that for every illness/disease there is a non-toxic solution.
- Being confident and taking responsibility for my health, I am able to eliminate anxiety about my decisions
- It is important to me to stay committed to my new lifestyle, not only for my benefit but for the benefit of my family and friends
- I want to be the change I want in my family and my world

Reaching Others:  Sending my ‘ahhas’, concepts, gratitude and creating statements to my TAG team was a very positive experience. They accepted the statements as factual, informative, thought-provoking and non-preachy. More than half my team were in awe of the information and it has inspired at least one of them to implement some of the suggestions.  What is most important is the seed is planted!

BSQ’s as form of measurement: When I did the BSQ myself at the beginning of the course, it was an ‘ahha’ moment for me. Being a visual person, it definitely left an impact. Having others do the BSQ has given me insight regarding their degree of motivation – does the questionnaire create interest leading to more questions or avoidance by their unwillingness to discuss it. One thing for sure, the seed is planted again. An excellent tool!

Comments: I am very grateful to you, Donna, for your passion to continue with this course for so many years. And for your willingness and availability to mentor individuals that continuously call on you for assistance. And for your organizational skills and wisdom that come with years of experience. And for the many other tasks you take on for the benefit of others. I can only imagine the massive amount of work and energy it must take for you to stay motivated and committed on a daily basis. I am grateful to you for providing the key for a lifetime of perfect health!

You are appreciated, Donna.