Monday, December 17, 2018



1.There are four root causes to all diseases
·         Nutritional deficiency
·         Toxic overload
·         Physical trauma
·         Mental/emotional stress
2. Nutrient value of all foods has significantly decreased since 1941
3. 80% of your immune system is found in your gastrointestinal tract
4.  When grains, sugars and antibiotics are introduced to the gastrointestinal track, then the balance is upset. Yeast colonies grow and take over. The yeast grows roots that literally poke holes ino the lining of the intestinal wall causing a syndrome called leaky gut.
5. Lectins cause inflammation and are known to cross the gut barrier and deposit in certain organs of the body causing leaky gut.
6.Candida can be present in any organ or gland. It is the state of having more harmful bacteria and yeast than beneficial. It is fed by sugar, alcohol,grains, starches,antibiotics, steroids,drugs, anti-ulcer medications and birth control pills.
7. Healthy microbiome is important for optimal food digestion as well as help the body to produce vitamins, absorb minerals and even aid in the elimination of toxins.
8. sources of inflammation include stress, emotional injury, physical injury, inadequate sleep, chronic pain, lectins, vaccines,alcohol, xenoestrogens, antibiotics,radiation, environmental toxins,fried foods, sugar, starches, pop,fruit juices,iodized salt, drugs, microwave,mercury fillings, root canals,black mold, 70,000 registered chemicals, birth control pills,plastics,personal and home care products.
9. A body temperature of 37 degree is optimal to push fluids through the body, to get o2 and nutrients to the various tissues and organs. Cancer cannot survive in a body temp. of degrees.
10. Gratitude is one of the most healing emotional states for our mind & body.
11. Ionic breathing-in order to increase left hemisphere activity (linear, language, logical) one can block the left nostril and engage in nostril breathing. To increase the right hemisphere activity (creative,holistic,emotional) the right nostril should be blocked.
12. Depending on activity level, 6 to 8 months from now our bodies will have regenerated nearly 100% of their tissue at the cellular level.
13. The 4 elimination channels are the skin, lungs, kidneys and bowels.
14. If toxic debris doesn’t move out through natural elimination channels chronic and degenerative diseases result.
15. Cats claw can clear the most horrendous infections.
16. the lymphatic system addresses all toxins that cause inflammation.
17. The colon is connected to every organ and gland in the body.
18. Kidneys are responsible for the fluids that travel along the spine to the brain known as cerebral spinal fluids. The regulated the PH at cell level and maintain mineral balance.
19. Fear creates unwanted acids which can accumulate in cells and tissues.
20. high cholesterol readings were associated with protection from cancer and neurotoxins (toxins that damage nerves)
21. the liver is the major center for neutralizing environmental toxins and the primary organ for preparing nutrients for transport through the blood stream.
22. 70% of medical illness is related to human intervention in the dental structures (teeth and jaw)
23. 80% of people’s exposure to chemicals occurs in the home.

Thank you for adjusting the time to accommodate my schedule. I could have almost used an extra 5 minutes for questions, but then again 5 minutes likely wouldn’t be enough. I understand we all have other commitments, so the time and length worked well.
The information provided in this course is like no other. I’m excited every day to see what new research I will be provided. Although I might not miss the nightly homework, I am going to be sad this course is ending. The information is reliable and extremely invaluable that I am very grateful to have been educated with. I hope I can find many open minded people to share my new knowledge with.

I loved the set up of this program. I’ve been part of another holistic health program for many years where I was provided with several chapters of information to read through on my own and then have access to a private Facebook group. Three years later, I can say I still haven’t gotten through all the material. I love the set up of the TAFYH and TAG team to keep me accountable and motivated. The information was eye opening and remarkable. My only wish is that I had a photographic memory so I could remember and share it all.

The shorter time period of 15 minute daily calls makes it much easier for me to commit due to my busy work and mom life. Knowing I had other team members relying on my participation made me more dedicated to participate every day. And it also made me more committed to the food and supplement plan.

The implications in this course are mind blowing. TAFYH has made me realize that I do not have to rely on pharmaceuticals to fix my issues. It has taught me that I can heal my body with the proper mindset, nutrition and supplements. I don’t not have to succumb to my fears that Western Medicine and Big Pharma has placed on me.  There are so many times I found myself enraged when I’ve tried to share tips with others in order to help them. But unfortunately I find there are still too many closed minded people in my circle. People are brain washed with the Western Medical way of life, it upsets me. But I realize I only have control over mine and my son’s health so that is my focus. There are so many implications from TAFYH that I’ve learned that I will pass onto my son and partner. Hopefully eventually I will have the opportunity to share the many wonderful tips with other friends and family.

I am hopeful that many of my Aha’s and concepts resonated with my TAG team and they will be more informed to make healthier choices going forward. I do have a hard time making suggestions to many friends and family members because they are brain washed by Big Pharma. I do plant the seed and hope this will entice them to realize nature medicine is the real cure.

Great way to target the problem areas and know where to prioritize my healing process. I would have liked to have a lesson early on where we discussed our results and made our action plan of sorts.
I am so grateful you were persistent in encouraging me to sign up for this course. I continuously brag about you and your work. I will continue to make referrals in hopes others will sign up and see that is possible to heal ourselves naturally.