Saturday, January 19, 2019

Belle Evaluation Jan./2019

Time: I loved that this was 1st thing in the morning. First thing in the morning is a great way to start your day. I found it amazing how much information can be given in 15 minutes.

  I like the participation format. Listening to everyone is a great help and support and I learned from listening to others.  I love how it was structured for us to share.  This helped me to stay accountable. 

Education: The education I have received in these past few weeks is invaluable to me.  I have learned so much about the organs in the short exercises.  This was easy for me to understand and retain the information.

Structure: I liked the structure. I knew what was expected of me every day.

Information: For me, every single day was mostly new information.  In the beginning I had a difficult time getting used to receiving the information and understanding it. As time went I got into a pattern and that worked well for me. I printed the information at lunch time and then read in the evening.  By doing this I did not watch TV in the evenings or go onto facebook for lengthy periods of time.

 Having the class first thing in the morning and only 15 min. made for a success in commitment.  Once I commit to something I make sure I follow the program.  I saw the importance and priority I needed to put into place for my own health.

Application: This course has helped me be more confident in understanding herbs and how the body works together.  

Implications: The implications of all I have learned are hard to get my head wrapped around. The implications can be astounding. The multiplying effect of having people telling other people this same information will be enormous. It is also hard not to just yell at people and say no don’t eat/drink that!!  I see so many people of how they eat, complain of their health and not do anything about it.  If only people were open to the possibility of taking action for their health.  I also have noticed of how other people think they know it all and still have no results.  It frustrates me when people complain of their health and then are not open to having some easy solutions and are not open to the idea of changing their diet.  If everyone was to make 1 simple change in their lifestyle then hopefully the world would become to be a better place to live.

Reaching Others: Through this course I communicate with others of the importance of their health.  I am able to share some information with others when they listen.

BSQ’s as form of measurement: I have to say that I had a challenge with the BSQ in the beginning as I didn’t understand how it worked.  When I did I thought it was amazing.  I did a BSQ for one other person and found it easier to do it for another person.  This is easy for me to do BSQ for others.

AHHA:  I had received so many ahha moments.  I wanted to share many more ahha information that I had received.  One of the biggest ahha's for me was how our mind and thoughts also has a huge impact on our health.  When we let go and commit to doing something then everything all falls into place.  It is making our health to be first priority.  Sometimes the team was on the same page and we had the same ahha and concepts.  I loved learning the importance of our body temperature and how it affects our body.  We learned the Chinese Constitutional Elements and how I related to the water element.  I did the liver cleanse and chose to do the gallbladder cleanse.  The gallbladder cleanse for me was the hardest and very rewarding at the same time.  The stuff tastes yukky and the next day I was going to the bathroom.  I really felt that I got a good clean.  I loved receiving all the information on cancer and household products.  It is so important to clean the house with toxic free products.

Also, I found myself sharing with others than those people on my tag team.  I started taking a stand for my daughter, grandsons and son-in-law.  I have been talking in a positive manner with my older grandson and encouraging him that he can do anything he wants to.  I also convinced my 7 year grandson to drink lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup so that he could heal and he actually did it.  I feel that I have received so much power and information that I can speak up.

Comments: I am very grateful to Donna for all the work that went into this course. I am grateful for my team as I opened up after a few calls. It is easy to purchase the products through Natures Sunshine.  I love that Donna could tell me about the products as I am a lacto vegatarian.  I could not take the capsules as they were gelatin so I opened them up and put in water and drank them.  This was challenging in the beginning and then I got a system going on.  We always had something to share for being grateful and creating our day.  I absolutely LOVE this.  I was doing this with my daughter when I helped her at the Christmas Market.  On our way to the Christmas Market we would say something we were grateful for and created our day.  I am constantly doing this with her so that I could empower her.

Belle Results Jan/2019

In October, 2018, I was sent to have a mammogram done.  I have had many mammograms done in the past but this time I was little panicked.  I messaged my cousin, Sara, to pray for me so that my appointment goes well.  Sara invited me to her house after my appointment and I went.  I needed to be with someone and talk.  I spoke with both Sara and Luch (Sara’s husband).  Luch put me into contact with Donna Roth.  I spoke with Donna Roth in November and committed to doing the TAFYH program.  When I found out that the TAFYH program would happen over Christmas break I was reluctant and then committed.  I was having a lot of:

BSQ dropped from 145 to 28 Jan /2019
a.            headaches/migraine headaches; head was feeling heavy; light headedness (this is gone);
b.            pain in my shoulders  (this is gone);
c.             stiff neck (this is gone);
d.            back pain, low back pain (pain has decreased significantly);
e.            pain underneath my ribs on the right side (both front and back) (this is gone);
f.             sleepless nights; difficulty falling asleep; restless dreams or nightmares; waking up frequently at night (this has improved);
g.            anxiety (this has improved significantly);
h.            cold hands and feet (this has improved);
i.              cravings for fat or high fat diet and sugar;
j.             dry skin (this has improved);
k.            fatigue in the afternoons/low energy (this has improved);
l.              food sits heavy on stomache (this is gone);
m.           intestinal gas/bloating (this is gone);
n.            joint pain (this has improved significantly);
o.            leg cramps (this is gone);
p.            menopause problems (feeling hot flashes) (this has improved significantly);
q.            mental/emotional stress (this has improved significantly);
r.             muddled thinking (this has improved significantly);
s.             osteoporosis (this has improved significantly);
t.             skin problems (freckles, moles and rash);
u.            stiff, aching and painful muscles (this has improved significantly);
v.            swollen lymph glands (this has improved significantly);
w.           uninating at night (this has improved significantly);
x.            varicose veings;
y.            week legs and knees (this has improved significantly);
z.             wheezing/shortness of breath (this has improved);
aa.          difficulty laying down and tossing and turning cause of the pain the in rib area (this is gone); and
bb.         financially stressed (finances are in control);
cc.           depression (this has improved significantly);
dd.         overweight (went from 175lbs to 154 lbs);
ee.         low self-confidence and low value of myself  (this has improved significantly);
ff.           body temperature (this increase from 36 to 36.4)

I wanted to do the program because of the mammogram.  I was taking pain killers at least once or twice a week.  I knew that taking the pain killers are not good but did cause I would be in a lot of pain.
I am a lacto-vegetarian.  I found that the capsules are gelatin and I decided I was going to do this to best I can.  I ordered the products.  I have been taking the powders out of the capsules and drinking them.  They were bitter in the beginning and later I became used to the taste.  I put a routine into place that would work.  I have my smoothies in the morning and then the capsules and finish the rest of my smoothie after having the capsules.  I would take the appropriate capsules/tablets and chlorophil with me to work.
A couple of weeks after I noticed I did not take any pain killers.  My headaches were gone.  Shortly after that I noticed that it was easy for me to toss and turn on the bed.  The pain in my rib area was gone.  I also noticed that my shoulder pain was gone and the stiffness in my neck and the heaviness in my head was gone.  I went from 175 lbs to 154 lbs and am feeling fantastic about this.  I have started to fit into my old clothes.  It is easier for me to fall asleep.  I watch less Netflix and pay more attention to what I am listening to.  My low back is less painfull and more flexible.  I do not crave high fat meals, sugar, grains or flour products.  I make healthy choices at all times while I have been on the program.
Doing the TAFYH program also worked on other areas of my life.  I started to see my selfworth and started to valuing myself.  I got my finances into order. I started valuing myself  and walking tall with confident.  My mental attitude is hugely impacted whereas I do not judge myself and keeping positive, joyful and happy with who I am.  I love and respect myself.  I am taking time to ensure that I am well dressed.   I am more joyous and love to be around with my family.
Christmas time has always been hard for me and I usually don’t show it.  It was always very depressing as I live on my own and the rest of my siblings have spouses.  I would make up excuses of not wanting to go to our family Christmas party.   Financially I was tight.   Every now and then I would go and I really did not enjoy it.  Christmas 2018 was the best ever as I was joyful within myself.  I had the option of buying gifts and was able to treat my daughter, son-in-law and grandsons without any financially stressed.  It was very liberating to be able to purchase gifts for my family.
I have been openly sharing my experiences with others and hope to make a difference in the lives of others.

Belle Health Plan– January, 2019

A - Activate:  Continue walking to and from work.  Go dancing at least once a week and take up dance lesson.  Go to the gym at least 3 times a week. Continue ionic breathing and expressing gratitude. Continue to take Cat’s Claw daily for lymphatic system.

B - Build: Continue to eat the right foods (green leafy veggies), yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese. Stay away from grains, legumes and sugar. Use healthy oils. Continue to take 1 smoothy a day containing super foods (Chinese Mineral Chi, Green Zone, Pea Protein and Solistic Energy). Drink chlorophyll with water. Drink lots of purified water!

C - Cleanse: Psyllium Hulls Combination, 1 LBS 11 daily and Water and Chlorophyll.  Do bowel, liver, kidney and gallbladder cleanse every 4 months.

D: Structural: Skeletal Strength
Direct Herbals - Permanent daily herbals will be: Colostrum once daily and Vitamin D
For emotions I will take AD-C to relieve depression and circulates the lymph energies

After 6 months with Donna’s guidance, I will evaluate where I am at and make appropriate changes and or additions.  Also, I have completely moved to using only natural non-toxic products in my home and will continue to do so

E: Express gratitude to my creator for giving me this life, taking care of me., the individuals who have come into my life to guide/show me the way for achieving optimal health and wellbeing, and for all the foods providing good nutrition.  Expressing gratitude for having another day to make a difference in my life and others around me.

Inflammation: keep the stinkin thinking negative thoughts and listen to motivational talks, read 2 pages a day, journal every day, meditate every day, eliminate grains, legumes, flour (including gluten free flour) out of my diet and sugar permanently out of my diet and restrict them only to special occasions.  To do a parasite/candida cleanse once a year, check with my dentist at my next visit to see if I had any root canals and if so, have the tooth extracted, getting better quality sleep

BSQ scores: Jan/2019 Dr. Teri

Total 58 dropped to 25 
Digestive score - went from a score of 2 down to one - less abdominal discomfort from food allergies.
Hepatic score - showing a significant improvement - from 8 down to 2!! less difficulty getting to sleep, better energy levels, less food allergies, better bowel elimination, rashes and eczema clearing up.
Intestinal score - lessened abdominal discomfort, more frequent bowel movements (daily)Better afternoon energy levels. 
Respiratory System - remained the same - 0
Urinary System - went from a score of 9 to a score of 6. This is where I was really hoping would improve - and it did!  No more burning urination, rashes clearing. 
Circulation -  Score went from 2 to 0. Improvement in cold and hands and feet and better energy. 
Nervous System - Score reduced from 6 to 2.  No dry stools, less difficulty getting to sleep, and better energy levels.
Glandular System - Score reduced  from 5 to 2 ,  hands and feet - not as cold, easier to fall asleep, better energy levels. 
Structural System - Went from a score of 10  down to a score of 8.  Improvement in rashes. 
Immune System - Score went form a 6 to a 1.  Improvements - better energy levels, less bothersome food allergies, lessened rashes, itching and eczema. 
Reproductive System - Score reduced from 3 to 1. Less rashes. 

Health Plan Dr. Teri Jan/2019

Activate: will continue swimming, yoga and walking to the best of my ability. Will continue deep breathing and ionic breathing. Will continue positive thinking including expressing gratitude. Will continue Cat's claw and chlorophyll daily for my lymphatic system. 

Build: Continue to eat clean - good protein including red meats,  good fats, vegetables and leafy greens. Will continue eating super foods from Nature's Sunshine - Protein shake with Green Zone, Probiotics, Flax Hull Lignans, Minerals ,Collatrim Plus. Will continue to  drink chlorophyll and add a little sea salt to my water ( for my lymphatic  system . I will  keep in mind the different colors to support every system in my body. I will stay away from all grains, legumes and sugar. I will be careful with lectins found in vegetables as I think that has been a problem for me. Will include Chinese Formula KB-C for fear/kidney/spinal fluid , water and blue foods.

Cleanse: Will stay on kidney and liver cleanse for another month and going forward will do the cleanses seasonally. I plan on doing a heavy metal cleanse with MC and HMD. Will stay on LBS 11 and Psyllium  hulls combo for bowels. Will be diligent in limiting myself and my family's exposure to electromagnetic pollution.  Will look into purchasing the shield that goes in your watch.

Direct Aid: Will continue to take marshmallow, colostrum. slippery elm and cornsilk for my bladder. Will take K and MC for my structural system.  I will continue to command the pain from the herniated discs to leave my body! Will hold in my minds eye - that a healthy body is warm, full of vigor, radiant energy, magnetism, beauty and power! Will continue taking antioxidants, omega 3's, vitamin D. Will take pantothenic acid for better sleep. 

I have a dentist apt. in February to confirm that indeed all my amalgam fillings and root canals have been removed. I will continue to ensure that we do not use toxic cleaning products in our home . Note to self- speak with cleaning lady as lately she has started to use her products on my floors instead of the natural ones I provide as she does not believe my natural products work. 
I use crystal clear deodorant and natures sunshine body lotion and tei fu lotion , I use natural soaps and shampoo.  I will look into more natural make up!! Hint hint - natures sunshine!!!! 

Disease Tree: I redid the Disease Tree today - the last one I did was in November 2018. I hesitated to do the disease tree today as I don"t like to give names to my symptoms ( especially after the Tafhy course!) On the first Disease tree - I had named 18 branches with diagnosis I have been given. The disease tree I just did - had just 10 branches named, This tells me with a clear picture just how much my biological terrain had improved! 
Positive thinking and positive visualization and the ionic breathing - picturing in my mind's eye - my desired state of health has brought me to a much better place in 2 short months! Imagine in a year!!! I will be dancing and hiking! Cant wait!!!
Thank you Donna. The implications of this program are far reaching. Imagine a future when all people thought that there life is in their control. That they could manage their own health.  One person at a time, we can change the world!! Donna you have shown us all that it is possible. 
Donna Roth says - No Plan = No Health, No Health =No Life.
I now have a plan!

Success Story Betty Jan/2019

Success Story Betty

My Mom is a 78 yr old diabetic with limited energy & a number of health issues.

For years she has been on medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, diabetes & these last few years her doctor has added 3 different puffers for asthma.

Mom lives on her own & her diet has never been healthy. In spite of knowing she should take better care she found it was easier to eat convenience foods. When she wasn't feeling well because her blood sugar was too high, she'd go to the doctor & he'd simply increase the amount of insulin he prescribed. My sisters & I tried working with Mom on her diet but with only limited success. She didn't feel a need to change her habits when a little more insulin or another pill would allow her to continue her preferred choices.

For years now, with each new health concern she had - dizzy spells, poor balance, headaches, low energy, decreased mobility, chronic back pain, etc. the doctor just added another drug & told her it's to be expected at her age.

A couple of years ago her doctor discovered she was losing blood but after numerous tests & referrals to specialists they couldn't find anything conclusive, so he stopped looking for answers. When I offered him information on a supplemental product (listed in the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties) to boost Mom's immune system he handed me back the printout & dismissed my concerns. During my mother's next visit (I wasn't with her) he actually discouraged her from taking it, telling her it was too expensive & that her prescriptions were free.

When she started losing weight for no apparent reason, her doctor actually recommended she drink Ensure Plus Nutrition drink to gain the weight back. Ensure Plus & similar products are full of processed sugar, chemical additives & synthetic vitamins!!!

That's when I got very upset & stepped in. You don't have to be a genius to know how much harm that can do for someone with compromised health & in my opinion you have to be stupid to recommend it to a diabetic!

I worked with Mom on her diet in an effort to reduce her insulin - mostly by cutting down on sugar, limiting some fruits & increasing her water intake. As we saw some success she was able to reduce her insulin from 42 units to 35! Mom has also started seeing a chiropractor & has considerably less back pain after treatment.

It wasn't until after we started applying what I'm learning in Donna Roth's TAFYH course that we were able to come up with a solid plan to help Mom in a significant way!

Now after just a few months of cutting out sugar, reducing grains, getting rid of processed foods, cutting out soft drinks, junk food, drinking Chlorophyll water & taking Capsicum for the blood loss...
Mom's insulin is down to 30 units! She doesn't have dizzy spells, her balance is continuing to improve, she has more energy, better concentration & her weight has stabilized. She has only had 2 bad headaches (both times she had over indulged in sugar).

Mom is so excited by the changes that we are making plans to continue to improve her diet & she is now open to adding in supplements to be sure she gets the nutritional support her body needs to continue reducing her medications & restore her health to new levels.

I am so grateful that what I am learning has already resulted in better quality of life for my Mom.

Elaine Results Jan 2019

BSQ improvement 24
Nov 2018 BSQ 55  Nerves 9  Hepatic 8  Intestinal 7  Glandular 7
Jan 2019 BSQ  31  Nerves 3  Hepatic 4  Intestinal 5  Glandular 4
Appetite has improved
Weight has stabilized at a healthy 130 lbs
Body temperature increased from 36.2 to 36.5C
Cold hands and feet has improved
Energy levels have improved
Decrease in mucus
No more headaches
Sleeping much better
My CEA (cancer marker) decreased by 6% within the first 2 weeks of starting the TAFYH PROGRAM
I feel less stress because I no longer feel conflicted in my approach to defeating stage 4 colon cancer with liver metastases
My bowel movements now have form after 9 months of chronic diarrhea following colon cancer surgery that removed 3/4 of my large intestine
I have learned that I am able to feed my body the nutrients it needs to heal itself!
I am committed to addressing my nutritional deficiency & toxic overload by continuing to follow the lessons I have learned in TAFYH
The support from Donna, our TAFYH team & my TAG team has made a world of difference to me. I am eternally grateful.