Saturday, January 19, 2019

Belle Evaluation Jan./2019

Time: I loved that this was 1st thing in the morning. First thing in the morning is a great way to start your day. I found it amazing how much information can be given in 15 minutes.

  I like the participation format. Listening to everyone is a great help and support and I learned from listening to others.  I love how it was structured for us to share.  This helped me to stay accountable. 

Education: The education I have received in these past few weeks is invaluable to me.  I have learned so much about the organs in the short exercises.  This was easy for me to understand and retain the information.

Structure: I liked the structure. I knew what was expected of me every day.

Information: For me, every single day was mostly new information.  In the beginning I had a difficult time getting used to receiving the information and understanding it. As time went I got into a pattern and that worked well for me. I printed the information at lunch time and then read in the evening.  By doing this I did not watch TV in the evenings or go onto facebook for lengthy periods of time.

 Having the class first thing in the morning and only 15 min. made for a success in commitment.  Once I commit to something I make sure I follow the program.  I saw the importance and priority I needed to put into place for my own health.

Application: This course has helped me be more confident in understanding herbs and how the body works together.  

Implications: The implications of all I have learned are hard to get my head wrapped around. The implications can be astounding. The multiplying effect of having people telling other people this same information will be enormous. It is also hard not to just yell at people and say no don’t eat/drink that!!  I see so many people of how they eat, complain of their health and not do anything about it.  If only people were open to the possibility of taking action for their health.  I also have noticed of how other people think they know it all and still have no results.  It frustrates me when people complain of their health and then are not open to having some easy solutions and are not open to the idea of changing their diet.  If everyone was to make 1 simple change in their lifestyle then hopefully the world would become to be a better place to live.

Reaching Others: Through this course I communicate with others of the importance of their health.  I am able to share some information with others when they listen.

BSQ’s as form of measurement: I have to say that I had a challenge with the BSQ in the beginning as I didn’t understand how it worked.  When I did I thought it was amazing.  I did a BSQ for one other person and found it easier to do it for another person.  This is easy for me to do BSQ for others.

AHHA:  I had received so many ahha moments.  I wanted to share many more ahha information that I had received.  One of the biggest ahha's for me was how our mind and thoughts also has a huge impact on our health.  When we let go and commit to doing something then everything all falls into place.  It is making our health to be first priority.  Sometimes the team was on the same page and we had the same ahha and concepts.  I loved learning the importance of our body temperature and how it affects our body.  We learned the Chinese Constitutional Elements and how I related to the water element.  I did the liver cleanse and chose to do the gallbladder cleanse.  The gallbladder cleanse for me was the hardest and very rewarding at the same time.  The stuff tastes yukky and the next day I was going to the bathroom.  I really felt that I got a good clean.  I loved receiving all the information on cancer and household products.  It is so important to clean the house with toxic free products.

Also, I found myself sharing with others than those people on my tag team.  I started taking a stand for my daughter, grandsons and son-in-law.  I have been talking in a positive manner with my older grandson and encouraging him that he can do anything he wants to.  I also convinced my 7 year grandson to drink lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup so that he could heal and he actually did it.  I feel that I have received so much power and information that I can speak up.

Comments: I am very grateful to Donna for all the work that went into this course. I am grateful for my team as I opened up after a few calls. It is easy to purchase the products through Natures Sunshine.  I love that Donna could tell me about the products as I am a lacto vegatarian.  I could not take the capsules as they were gelatin so I opened them up and put in water and drank them.  This was challenging in the beginning and then I got a system going on.  We always had something to share for being grateful and creating our day.  I absolutely LOVE this.  I was doing this with my daughter when I helped her at the Christmas Market.  On our way to the Christmas Market we would say something we were grateful for and created our day.  I am constantly doing this with her so that I could empower her.