Saturday, January 19, 2019

Belle Health Plan– January, 2019

A - Activate:  Continue walking to and from work.  Go dancing at least once a week and take up dance lesson.  Go to the gym at least 3 times a week. Continue ionic breathing and expressing gratitude. Continue to take Cat’s Claw daily for lymphatic system.

B - Build: Continue to eat the right foods (green leafy veggies), yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese. Stay away from grains, legumes and sugar. Use healthy oils. Continue to take 1 smoothy a day containing super foods (Chinese Mineral Chi, Green Zone, Pea Protein and Solistic Energy). Drink chlorophyll with water. Drink lots of purified water!

C - Cleanse: Psyllium Hulls Combination, 1 LBS 11 daily and Water and Chlorophyll.  Do bowel, liver, kidney and gallbladder cleanse every 4 months.

D: Structural: Skeletal Strength
Direct Herbals - Permanent daily herbals will be: Colostrum once daily and Vitamin D
For emotions I will take AD-C to relieve depression and circulates the lymph energies

After 6 months with Donna’s guidance, I will evaluate where I am at and make appropriate changes and or additions.  Also, I have completely moved to using only natural non-toxic products in my home and will continue to do so

E: Express gratitude to my creator for giving me this life, taking care of me., the individuals who have come into my life to guide/show me the way for achieving optimal health and wellbeing, and for all the foods providing good nutrition.  Expressing gratitude for having another day to make a difference in my life and others around me.

Inflammation: keep the stinkin thinking negative thoughts and listen to motivational talks, read 2 pages a day, journal every day, meditate every day, eliminate grains, legumes, flour (including gluten free flour) out of my diet and sugar permanently out of my diet and restrict them only to special occasions.  To do a parasite/candida cleanse once a year, check with my dentist at my next visit to see if I had any root canals and if so, have the tooth extracted, getting better quality sleep