Saturday, January 19, 2019

Belle Results Jan/2019

In October, 2018, I was sent to have a mammogram done.  I have had many mammograms done in the past but this time I was little panicked.  I messaged my cousin, Sara, to pray for me so that my appointment goes well.  Sara invited me to her house after my appointment and I went.  I needed to be with someone and talk.  I spoke with both Sara and Luch (Sara’s husband).  Luch put me into contact with Donna Roth.  I spoke with Donna Roth in November and committed to doing the TAFYH program.  When I found out that the TAFYH program would happen over Christmas break I was reluctant and then committed.  I was having a lot of:

BSQ dropped from 145 to 28 Jan /2019
a.            headaches/migraine headaches; head was feeling heavy; light headedness (this is gone);
b.            pain in my shoulders  (this is gone);
c.             stiff neck (this is gone);
d.            back pain, low back pain (pain has decreased significantly);
e.            pain underneath my ribs on the right side (both front and back) (this is gone);
f.             sleepless nights; difficulty falling asleep; restless dreams or nightmares; waking up frequently at night (this has improved);
g.            anxiety (this has improved significantly);
h.            cold hands and feet (this has improved);
i.              cravings for fat or high fat diet and sugar;
j.             dry skin (this has improved);
k.            fatigue in the afternoons/low energy (this has improved);
l.              food sits heavy on stomache (this is gone);
m.           intestinal gas/bloating (this is gone);
n.            joint pain (this has improved significantly);
o.            leg cramps (this is gone);
p.            menopause problems (feeling hot flashes) (this has improved significantly);
q.            mental/emotional stress (this has improved significantly);
r.             muddled thinking (this has improved significantly);
s.             osteoporosis (this has improved significantly);
t.             skin problems (freckles, moles and rash);
u.            stiff, aching and painful muscles (this has improved significantly);
v.            swollen lymph glands (this has improved significantly);
w.           uninating at night (this has improved significantly);
x.            varicose veings;
y.            week legs and knees (this has improved significantly);
z.             wheezing/shortness of breath (this has improved);
aa.          difficulty laying down and tossing and turning cause of the pain the in rib area (this is gone); and
bb.         financially stressed (finances are in control);
cc.           depression (this has improved significantly);
dd.         overweight (went from 175lbs to 154 lbs);
ee.         low self-confidence and low value of myself  (this has improved significantly);
ff.           body temperature (this increase from 36 to 36.4)

I wanted to do the program because of the mammogram.  I was taking pain killers at least once or twice a week.  I knew that taking the pain killers are not good but did cause I would be in a lot of pain.
I am a lacto-vegetarian.  I found that the capsules are gelatin and I decided I was going to do this to best I can.  I ordered the products.  I have been taking the powders out of the capsules and drinking them.  They were bitter in the beginning and later I became used to the taste.  I put a routine into place that would work.  I have my smoothies in the morning and then the capsules and finish the rest of my smoothie after having the capsules.  I would take the appropriate capsules/tablets and chlorophil with me to work.
A couple of weeks after I noticed I did not take any pain killers.  My headaches were gone.  Shortly after that I noticed that it was easy for me to toss and turn on the bed.  The pain in my rib area was gone.  I also noticed that my shoulder pain was gone and the stiffness in my neck and the heaviness in my head was gone.  I went from 175 lbs to 154 lbs and am feeling fantastic about this.  I have started to fit into my old clothes.  It is easier for me to fall asleep.  I watch less Netflix and pay more attention to what I am listening to.  My low back is less painfull and more flexible.  I do not crave high fat meals, sugar, grains or flour products.  I make healthy choices at all times while I have been on the program.
Doing the TAFYH program also worked on other areas of my life.  I started to see my selfworth and started to valuing myself.  I got my finances into order. I started valuing myself  and walking tall with confident.  My mental attitude is hugely impacted whereas I do not judge myself and keeping positive, joyful and happy with who I am.  I love and respect myself.  I am taking time to ensure that I am well dressed.   I am more joyous and love to be around with my family.
Christmas time has always been hard for me and I usually don’t show it.  It was always very depressing as I live on my own and the rest of my siblings have spouses.  I would make up excuses of not wanting to go to our family Christmas party.   Financially I was tight.   Every now and then I would go and I really did not enjoy it.  Christmas 2018 was the best ever as I was joyful within myself.  I had the option of buying gifts and was able to treat my daughter, son-in-law and grandsons without any financially stressed.  It was very liberating to be able to purchase gifts for my family.
I have been openly sharing my experiences with others and hope to make a difference in the lives of others.