Saturday, January 19, 2019

BSQ scores: Jan/2019 Dr. Teri

Total 58 dropped to 25 
Digestive score - went from a score of 2 down to one - less abdominal discomfort from food allergies.
Hepatic score - showing a significant improvement - from 8 down to 2!! less difficulty getting to sleep, better energy levels, less food allergies, better bowel elimination, rashes and eczema clearing up.
Intestinal score - lessened abdominal discomfort, more frequent bowel movements (daily)Better afternoon energy levels. 
Respiratory System - remained the same - 0
Urinary System - went from a score of 9 to a score of 6. This is where I was really hoping would improve - and it did!  No more burning urination, rashes clearing. 
Circulation -  Score went from 2 to 0. Improvement in cold and hands and feet and better energy. 
Nervous System - Score reduced from 6 to 2.  No dry stools, less difficulty getting to sleep, and better energy levels.
Glandular System - Score reduced  from 5 to 2 ,  hands and feet - not as cold, easier to fall asleep, better energy levels. 
Structural System - Went from a score of 10  down to a score of 8.  Improvement in rashes. 
Immune System - Score went form a 6 to a 1.  Improvements - better energy levels, less bothersome food allergies, lessened rashes, itching and eczema. 
Reproductive System - Score reduced from 3 to 1. Less rashes.