Saturday, January 19, 2019

Elaine Results Jan 2019

BSQ improvement 24
Nov 2018 BSQ 55  Nerves 9  Hepatic 8  Intestinal 7  Glandular 7
Jan 2019 BSQ  31  Nerves 3  Hepatic 4  Intestinal 5  Glandular 4
Appetite has improved
Weight has stabilized at a healthy 130 lbs
Body temperature increased from 36.2 to 36.5C
Cold hands and feet has improved
Energy levels have improved
Decrease in mucus
No more headaches
Sleeping much better
My CEA (cancer marker) decreased by 6% within the first 2 weeks of starting the TAFYH PROGRAM
I feel less stress because I no longer feel conflicted in my approach to defeating stage 4 colon cancer with liver metastases
My bowel movements now have form after 9 months of chronic diarrhea following colon cancer surgery that removed 3/4 of my large intestine
I have learned that I am able to feed my body the nutrients it needs to heal itself!
I am committed to addressing my nutritional deficiency & toxic overload by continuing to follow the lessons I have learned in TAFYH
The support from Donna, our TAFYH team & my TAG team has made a world of difference to me. I am eternally grateful.