Saturday, January 19, 2019

Health Plan Dr. Teri Jan/2019

Activate: will continue swimming, yoga and walking to the best of my ability. Will continue deep breathing and ionic breathing. Will continue positive thinking including expressing gratitude. Will continue Cat's claw and chlorophyll daily for my lymphatic system. 

Build: Continue to eat clean - good protein including red meats,  good fats, vegetables and leafy greens. Will continue eating super foods from Nature's Sunshine - Protein shake with Green Zone, Probiotics, Flax Hull Lignans, Minerals ,Collatrim Plus. Will continue to  drink chlorophyll and add a little sea salt to my water ( for my lymphatic  system . I will  keep in mind the different colors to support every system in my body. I will stay away from all grains, legumes and sugar. I will be careful with lectins found in vegetables as I think that has been a problem for me. Will include Chinese Formula KB-C for fear/kidney/spinal fluid , water and blue foods.

Cleanse: Will stay on kidney and liver cleanse for another month and going forward will do the cleanses seasonally. I plan on doing a heavy metal cleanse with MC and HMD. Will stay on LBS 11 and Psyllium  hulls combo for bowels. Will be diligent in limiting myself and my family's exposure to electromagnetic pollution.  Will look into purchasing the shield that goes in your watch.

Direct Aid: Will continue to take marshmallow, colostrum. slippery elm and cornsilk for my bladder. Will take K and MC for my structural system.  I will continue to command the pain from the herniated discs to leave my body! Will hold in my minds eye - that a healthy body is warm, full of vigor, radiant energy, magnetism, beauty and power! Will continue taking antioxidants, omega 3's, vitamin D. Will take pantothenic acid for better sleep. 

I have a dentist apt. in February to confirm that indeed all my amalgam fillings and root canals have been removed. I will continue to ensure that we do not use toxic cleaning products in our home . Note to self- speak with cleaning lady as lately she has started to use her products on my floors instead of the natural ones I provide as she does not believe my natural products work. 
I use crystal clear deodorant and natures sunshine body lotion and tei fu lotion , I use natural soaps and shampoo.  I will look into more natural make up!! Hint hint - natures sunshine!!!! 

Disease Tree: I redid the Disease Tree today - the last one I did was in November 2018. I hesitated to do the disease tree today as I don"t like to give names to my symptoms ( especially after the Tafhy course!) On the first Disease tree - I had named 18 branches with diagnosis I have been given. The disease tree I just did - had just 10 branches named, This tells me with a clear picture just how much my biological terrain had improved! 
Positive thinking and positive visualization and the ionic breathing - picturing in my mind's eye - my desired state of health has brought me to a much better place in 2 short months! Imagine in a year!!! I will be dancing and hiking! Cant wait!!!
Thank you Donna. The implications of this program are far reaching. Imagine a future when all people thought that there life is in their control. That they could manage their own health.  One person at a time, we can change the world!! Donna you have shown us all that it is possible. 
Donna Roth says - No Plan = No Health, No Health =No Life.
I now have a plan!