Saturday, March 9, 2019

Evaluation by Cindy March 2019

Success story. Lost 12 pounds body temperature from 97.1 to 98.4. BSQ dropped from 59 to 24. Mental sluggishness gone. A lot less sweet cravings. No more stomach bloating. Overall great feeling of health.
Candida can be present in any organ or Goin of the body.
Sources of information including environmental toxins, vaccinations, microwave food, and root canals.
Silver shield deactivate harmful hormones.
150+ chemicals found in ordinary household products are directly related to cancer, allergies, birth defects, psychological disorders.
Help to stay accountable
Time: Love morning hours. Lots of amazing information in 20 minutes

Education: I have taken many classes over the years but this one is awesome somehow it was easier to grasp the concept the way Donna Roth has it all outlined every day.
Structure: it was exciting to see what was new the next day, five days a week is great.

Information: having this information and print is what I’ll be referring to back again and again. It’s very down to earth and I totally love the honesty on Health very refreshing.

Commitment: it was totally unexpected for our grandbaby 3 1/2 weeks early but I’ve been really blessed to keep up with the class and learning so much.

Application: I feel confident to help people better than before.

Implications: thank you taphy for the commitment, joy empowerment, gratitude. We don’t have to fear diseases n viruses. We don’t have to fear taking Herbs in large amounts whatever it takes. I have everybody around me drinking mineral tree tonic. Telling my family about the lessons every day. We learned so much valuable information. Hope to stay away from M.D. except in emergencies.

BSQ: an excellent tool!

Comments: I am very grateful to Donna Roth for all the hard work that I’m sure goes into these classes. God bless you for it!