Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Success TAFYH team 33

BSQ score down from 140 to 64
Sleep improved
Heart palpitations are gone.
Shortness of breath is gone and can now exercise and go for walks.
The constant smell of burning toast is gone.
Focus and thinking are improved,
Lost 7 pounds
Became aware " how dangerous toxic teeth are."
TAFYH is not passive; it is a boot camp approach .
I learned to discern in TAFYH.
TAFYH is concise, important, and simple to understand
I was taught how to apply the knowledge.
I was accountable.
I learned how the body works and I am now able to help others.
My TAG team was amazing.

BSQ score down from 32 to 21
Chest infection has cleared up
Lost 17 pounds in total
Afternoon fatigue is gone.
Great energy all day long.
Tumour in the left breast has reduced in size
Fear is gone and I am peaceful and happy
We have developed a belief system and it takes energy to undo that.
I am staying on course.
I received a breast cancer diagnosis in June 2011.
I realized the power of gratitude,
I especially loved being part of a group.
I found the information very interesting, exciting and manageable. 
We each got a chance every call to have our questions answered and to give our input on the lessons and intentions for the day
While Donna will tell you she’s not a healer, I disagree.  I have experienced her iridology analysis and muscle testing first hand, and when combined with her 30 years experience and health mandate to teach people how to heal themselves, I do feel she is an inspired healer.
I studied biochemistry in university, and still found much of this information new and exciting.
For me this is potentially life changing, as I am also looking at becoming a TAFYH Coach to help other people get support in their healing.  Healing ourselves can be so simple. 
The power is in my own health success. I have a big story that I can share with people and hopefully open space in their minds to consider that there are better holistic ways to heal oneself. 
I have really enjoyed the program and would recommend it to everyone.  I feel it is my responsibility to tell people about this, but ultimately you cannot make them listen. 

BSQ is down from 47 to 19.
I have not slept so good in 30 years.
Itchy back is gone.
No more gall bladder flare-ups.
Completed the gallbladder cleanse and passed 3 big dissolved stones.
Swollen ankle is gone.
Lost 7 pounds
Visceral fat is down from 6 to 5
Metabolic age is down from 46 years to 38!
TAFYH is brilliant.
TAFYH is only 15 minutes first thing in the morning; it can be done from anywhere; no excuses for not doing it.
The information is incredible.
Health does not happen overnight; little steps = big results
We all learn why bodies break down and the importance of taking supplements.

BSQ score is down from 64 to 24.
No more sinus headaches
Mental stress has subsided
Bloating is gone.
Absent mindedness is gone.
Fatigue and low energy is gone.
Candida decreased by 80%
Lost 7 pounds.
Body temperature increased from 94 to 95.
As an approach to treating disease by addressing the 5 Pillars is a complete paradigm shift and now that the picture has become clear, there is no turning back and I am convinced I will vanquish the diagnosis of stage 3b melanoma.
I am committed and I am eager to become a TAFYH coach.
There is time for questions at the beginning of the call; you were so accessible and I appreciated that.
I was diagnosed with leukemia and melanoma and I was given a lot of scary information. I was pressured into surgery by the convincing action of the doctors.
I felt Donna's passion when I had a consultation with her in June 2016. I was really scared!
 I especially appreciate the message you give of not letting the medical world scare you into quick action. 
I have already been able to reach others with the message that cancer, and all disease is a metabolic disorder and that the 5 pillars of injury, infection, inflammation, elimination and circulation must be addressed
I loved the structure in TAFYH.
I started taking the herbals on faith because of Donna’s track record and her passion
I had rejected the idea of having a groin dissection to remove my lymph nodes where they had found some melanoma.  After the lesson on the lymphatic system, I was so relieved that I followed my gut
I am going to miss being on the TAFYH calls because they gave me great focus. 

Diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago, had mastectomy, chemo,  then it metasticized to the bones, more chemo,
MRI showed more metastasis, more chemo, blurred vision, could not walk, could not eat, was like a vegetable, kept gaining weight
palms were burning, toes were burning, "I decided to quit all this!"
Did 7 weeks of TAFYH
Burning palms are gone.
Discolouring of hands and feet are gone
Now is able to sleep 6 hours
Lost 8 pounds
Bloating is gone
"I can breathe!"
Blood pressure dropped from 140/100 to 130/80
Blood sugar is down from 130 to 80
I can now walk for 20 minutes without losing my breath
Energy is back!
I will miss this group.
The material was very good and it helped me learn.
I really enjoyed TAFYH and I am going to do it one more time.
The information in TAFYH is smooth and clear.