Saturday, March 9, 2019

TAFYH Evaluation

TAFYH Evaluation
Laura Campbell

: Ionic Breathing affects polarity in the body. This affects midline balance, centering, and functioning balance between cerebral hemispheres, paving the way for dyslexia, and learning response patterns.
: Dr. William Russell 1890 “fungal or yeast-like parasites in all forms of cancer…as` well as in certain cases of TB, syphilis, skin infections.
: Dr. Jerry McLaughlin 1973- 20 years of researched studies using Paw Paw in cancer of lower animals “Paw Paw is almost 1 Million times stronger than adriamyacin chemotherapy”
: Dr. Hulda Clark 1990- Parasites are present in all cancers.
: Dr. Versendahl 1990’s- Candida is present in all cancers.
: There are stem cells in every organ and gland in the body. Their purpose is health cell replication. Your body repairs itself in 365 days.
: Eat the right foods
: The 4 root causes to all diseased conditions are: Nutritional Deficiency, Toxic Overload, Physical Trauma, Mental / Emotional Stress.
: Visualizing a blueprint of your health with passion and emotion helps you create the health you are working towards.
: Found in all present day grains and  legumes are anti nutrients called lectins. Lectins cause leaky gut. The solution is Colostrum, scientifically documented to bind toxic lectins.
: It is the energy in the plants and foods we eat that is required for cell repair in the body. Under no circumstances can low energy GMO or GE foods sustain life and health.
: water-The cleaner the intestinal track the more serotonin is produced by the intestines for emotional balance.
: The most important part of herbology is to combine herbs that compliment each other so they can synergistically be used for the healing and restricting of specific glands and organs. Every success story and cancer success stories used Mineral Chi Tonic.
: For every human cell in your body there are 9 microbes. The brain relies on the healthy microbes in your gut to effectively mobilize nutrient delivery to all parts of the body.
: Candida makes the blood sticky and slows down circulation of oxygen and nutrients to various organs and glands. When oxygen levels drop below 35 %- fungus and yeast proliferate. When fungal/yeast integrates into stem cell line of: Nerve Cells- result is Parkinson Disease   Spinal Cells- MS       Reproductive Cells- infertility     Skin Cells- Cancer
: Inflammation is the common denominator to every degenerative disease known to man-heart disease, cancer, various forms of arthritis.
: The body’s best chance at healing increases in direct proportion to the restoration of normal body temperature.
: In a healthy body, the stem cells of the injured membrane replicate healthy cells in order to repair the injury and the cells stop multiplying once the injury is repaired. Injury is the reason cells replicate. Cells don’t randomly replicate. Cells have rules.
: Cancer can only be overcome if the steps of injury, inflammation, elimination, and circulation are addressed.
: The Paw Paw Program is designed to heal that cancer injury by giving the stem cells the essential nutrients, by eating the right foods and drinking super food smoothies.
: Two dentists proved that toxins liberated by infected root canals in the teeth were almost 1000 times more toxic than botulism.
: 80% of peoples exposure to chemicals is in the home.

A great way to start the day.  Helps maintain discipline and accountability.  The amount of information given daily is easy to digest and makes sense.
The experience of doing the ABCD Nutritional Program is the only way to go! I am amazed at the difference two months can make.  The support was priceless and appreciated. 
A well rounded approach with prevention, cause, and solutions.  The structured Program is essential for success.  Taking the guessing and randomness out of supplements and food choices  and provide a clear direction for a Complete Health Plan.
Very easy to follow and always clear and attainable goals and assignments each day.
A uniform sequence of information backed by Dr.’s and science with a clear tools for success.
The accountability of a short class at a consistent pre-determined time every day over a few weeks created a very positive environment for wanting to do better.  You are the difference and you can feel the difference.
I am able to create a Nutritional Plan suited for each individual.  The BSQ , self tests, and disease tree are tools to track progress as the root causes are addressed.  I have learned to cheer for people in lieu of their accomplishments.
Every person has the ability to feel better, function properly, and be free of pain.  MS and Parkinson’s can be helped. Cancer can be healed within one year.  By immersing in the program, people around you see and feel the difference, and are inspired.  You can read and tell people any information…the relevance comes with the success stories.  These are the stories I share.  The more people see and experience healing, the more hope and dedication others will have.
Reaching Others
Sharing my experiences DOING the program is engaging others and they are asking questions. I have the tools and information now to answer, explain, and offer solutions that are effective.  Results happen quickly and are able to be shown clear and concisely.
BSQ as form of Measurement
Excellent tool to monitor the body as a whole.  Allows individuals to work on one or two systems at time and then re-evaluate and proceed.  Great way to see how the body is responding to the Nutritional Plan.
I am grateful to Donna Roth, my TAFYH team, and my TAG team.  This made for the perfect storm for a great course with many various successful outcomes!