Sunday, April 14, 2019


April 14/19
By: Janine
AHHA’S:  There were so many Ahha moments in this course. The 4 root causes of our diseases have become an eye opener for me. Nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, stress and trauma.  Ionic breathing is a must as it reflects the flow of positive and negative ions in the body. Sugar causes inflammation as do lectins thus comes leaky gut. Dr. Cordain scientifically stated that toxic lectins from grains and legumes are known to poke holes in the gut membrane and cause leaky gut as does Candida. Leaky gut affects the whole body. Herbs, from a plant source, contain active ingredients known as alkaloids. This is medicinal. The body temperature (37c) is essential for the restoration of the body. The 6 Chinese constitutional elements. The Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Air all have specific purpose in serving the whole body. Dr. Bernard Jensen states that 4 factors need to be in place in order to regain and maintain good health: Nerve supply, Blood supply, circulation and energy. We can overcome Cancer with the Paw Paw program. Antibiotics are not needed as we have Cat’s claw and Sliver products.
Time: The time was perfect for me. It was easy to set aside 30 minutes to be on the call. I was amazed how well Donna kept us on task. I found this very respectful for those who work and have a busy schedule. 
Participation: The format kept us on the schedule, but everyone had a time to share their gratefulness and what they were creating for themselves. It kept us accountable as a team as did the daily charts. Question time was valuable as we learnt from each other as Donna explained the answers. We grew close to our team.
Education: The education we received was life changing. It was so valuable, not only for me, but for those around me. It gives you the confidence to talk to others because of all the knowledge we gained.
Structure: The structure was awesome. It showed that Donna is a disciplined person as a leader.
Information: So very much to take in and challenging for the brain. That’s a good thing because you had to ponder on the various information in order to remember it. This helps to grow the dendrites in our brain. Exciting! Thank you for the lessons to print. We can review and study it.
Commitments: Having the daily charts, the Ahha moments and saying what you found impressive on the lessons really helped toward the commitment. Caring for one another helped me to stay committed. The tag team was very good idea to create more disciplined commitments. Plus, I grew to like the shakes and to have more structure in my life. I also wanted to hear everyone’s voices. This I will miss.
Application:  I have more knowledge of the TAFYH program and the NSP products that I can easily share with others. Knowledge is power and people can see that!
Implications: It will be hard to keep my mouth shut at family functions as they eat and drink what I now know is horribly bad for them. I’ve learnt to share a few things. Seeing the change in my health and weight will be my testimony.
Reaching others: My testimony will be shared with those who will listen. The knowledge and confidence I have gained in this course has given me the courage to speak up because I care.
BSQ’S as form of measurement: It’s an easy way to get people to think about their health, and to ask you questions. It helps us to pinpoint the various health issue. It opens room for discussion.
Comments: Amazing course and leader. You have put so much work into the course and invested in our lives. You helped us to visualize a blueprint for our health with passion, so we can create the health we are working towards.
Thank you!